I have a book that I use frequently when I want some nutritional answers. The book is healing with  whole foods, written by Paul Pitchford. There I have learned about Candida overgrowth and what varieties there are in the condition of those suffering from  Candida and what to do.

There is no solution that fits all. Each and every one has to recognize their condition and act accordingly.So if you see someone who is promoting a magic

Cover of "Healing With Whole Foods: Asian...

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solution remember that there is no such thing. If you have constant craving for sugar like I did and you are tired all the time the reason might be candida overgrowth. But it might be something else, that is why we the responsible adults that we are, we need to educate ourselves and act accordingly. I have also found that for me both acupuncture and reflexology are helpful dealing with digestive problems and imbalances.


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