When the bad is so good that you just won´t let go.

When I had finished my six months of necessary cleansing the hard work began. What my nutrition therapist recommended was that I would try things one at the time and register what it did to my body. The things that did not welcome in my life where the white things;  white rice, flour and sugar. This part was easy, because there are more healthy choices.

Coffee cup

Coffee cup (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

The first cup of coffee was like I was being poisoned. I could feel how the coffee was not beneficial for my health. But I kept the coffee. Now I take a moderate approach. I drink two cups a day. I enjoy it and I only drink quality coffee. Life is just too short for bad coffee!

I drink my coffee without guilt. It is about the quality and not the quantity. But when I break the two cup rule funny thing happens. I get anxious. Coffee alone can evoke this feeling. That is why I have to be careful.

So in order to enjoy my two cups a day the rest of the day is fruit juices, green tea and loads of water.

For me being healthy is also being happy. I had to weigh the pros and cons. Coffee is a social thing for me,  that weighs more to me than the health benefactors of skipping it all together.

For me that approach works better than a strict ban.


2 responses to “When the bad is so good that you just won´t let go.

  1. When I read your post, I thought that you are girl after my own heart ! I love my coffee too! I’ve needed to stay off of it but just can’t seem to totally separate myself from it. It is social for me (like a good glass of wine), it’s comforting and habitual. I’m proud of myself though, I no longer drink it everyday, I’ve cut out additional sugar. Only drink (2 cups) it with soy and my choice of flavored sauce. ….I’d say we made some strides , kudos!

  2. Thanks Sandra! and Kudos!

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