Slow down and chew.

Cover of "Food Rules: An Eater's Manual"

Cover of Food Rules: An Eater's Manual

When I was working as a waitress some decades ago (!) The way we got to eat was the eat-and- run approach. If I ate at all it was running. Sometimes sitting down but shoveling the food. Later when working in a store it was the same thing alway´s in a hurry. Sometimes my lunch brake was so late I wasn´t hungry anymore so I just skipped lunch all together. And was craving for candy later…

This made me think of one of Michael Pollan´s  food rules; Don´t eat food at the same place where you tank your car.

Are we really in so much hurry we must stuff our face in the car ?

To eat less, slow down and chew. Food is meant to be enjoyed. Sit down at a table preferably with someone , use fork and knife. And chew the food. The digestion begins in the mouth.

Today I eat slower I avoid situations where there is time pressure for the meal. My body is much happier when I chew.


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