Be tankful for the food

I stopped cursing the food I was about to eat some years ago. I thought that it could not be good for me to associate  food with bad energy before consumption.

I make conscious choices about what I eat and when. I know that if I drink more than one glass of vine I will  notice it in my joints the next day. If I´m not careful with what I eat I get all the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

Institute of Mental Health 4, Nov 06

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If I neglect drinking enough water, I will get headache. If I drink too much coffee I will get headache and become anxious. If I eat sugar or food with some unexplainable ingredients I am likely to get headache and sometimes my skin itches. If I eat a heavy meal late in the evening, I will sleep restlessly and probably wake up tired

If I deprive myself of sleep or overwork, the muscle pain and spasms are back.

What I do now, I make a choice.  And I think that we as adults should do that when it comes to food. We must take responsibility for our own health, by knowing our limitations and respecting the messages that our body is sending. I  hardly listened to my body when it was telling me when I was tired or when it  was asking me,  please eat!

My sister pointed out to me that overweight people tend to smear the food with guilt and then swallow. It can´t be good. If we are going to eat something enjoy it!

My problem has not been overweight. It is the other way around. The healthier I eat, the easier it is for me to stay at my optional health. If I start eating junk I will get thin. All I want is to be healthy. I do not have a scale in the house because it makes me nervous. My measurement is my physical and mental health. If either  is thrown off I have to do something.

I am the adult in this relationship with my body and I need to be responsible.

My body , my choices.


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