Negativity is a powerful tool of self destruction

In the beginning of   my journey to a better life for me I had to break out of a habit of negativity. If someone said something I would automatically interpret what they said, as something negative.

(a  extremely codependent reflex) I was not listening to what was being said,  I was interpreting it. My attitude was negative on all aspects of my life.

Things were going to be better when, if and then.

Sound familiar?

I forced myself to write one positive thing about my children on a sheet I hung up in the kitchen. And it was hard! Not that my kids were difficult or bad. My mindset was tuned on negativity and when negativity is the focus  ,the good things slip from you. But I practiced , and slowly I got control over my attitude. I can choose if my day is going to be good or bad. I make a simple decision. I try  not to dwell in the past and I don´t wait till later to do things that I want to do. That does not mean I don’t have a plan or that I live from day-to-day. It means that I stay in the now. If I´m in my yoga class I am there. Not planning what to do later.

The Power of Now

I think Eckart Tolle’s The power of now gives a beautiful lesson on living here and now.

What I have found helpful is being thankful. I look at what I have now and thank for all the good things. Today I´m really thankful for the beauty of the spring, blooming trees and colors coming back. Cherry blossoms are the most wonderful assets of the spring.

When I move into a new place I make an «altar». On the altar I put candles and incense sticks (Nag Champa is my favorite) , things that are associated with the positive things in my life. The altar has something that represents my children, my dreams and the health and well being of my family. I light a candle to remind myself that I have loads of things to be grateful for.

(Picture of Cherri blossoms  has this website source)


5 responses to “Negativity is a powerful tool of self destruction

  1. I agree ; being around negativity can become toxic – for everyone involved . We need to look for ways to better handle them;) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

  2. Thank you for taking the time to write encouraging words!

  3. Tilbaketråkk: Send positivity back to the source « One Lifetime

  4. think positive, act positive….its all in the mind.

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