I admit it, I am a vegiterian

"Stop eating animals" - Vegetarian s...

There I said it I am a vegetarian. I wish I had some heartwarming story to tell you about how I wanted to safe the animals. Or even how I wanted to become a vegetarian for my health. But it did not happen that way. I should have stopped eating meat after visiting the meat-market in Greenland. (outdoors and the snow was red with blood) But it did not happen then.

The story goes; I met a man who is a vegetarian , and he does the cooking. So he cooked vegetarian food for me. At first I ate meat and fish if I was eating out , but the strangest thing happened. The meat and the fish began to smell and taste funny. Then the texture freaked me out. At first I did not think too much of it.

But one autumn evening in 2005 I sat at a restaurant with my husband and some other people and I stared at the lam on my plate. And I was disgusted by eating it. So there you have it that is how I became a vegetarian.

And boy, am I glad now! The more I learn about the meat production and the food industry , the safer I feel being a vegetarian.


One response to “I admit it, I am a vegiterian

  1. Same here, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it!

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