The RAW post that became something else

My look on RAW

It´s funny , this post was supposed to be about RAW food. I´m not into that, but I have tried some RAW food and liked it. I thought RAW was a new fad but I was reading about some guy that discovered this when he was twenty, and he looked at least sixty so according to him the RAW movement had been around for over thirty years.

In the same magazine there was this article about Brothers that were Crazy, Sexy and RAW. Well after reading a little about the RAW food. I found this much more interesting; RAW cosmetics!

Why? Well this video explains why, this is where Story of Stuff  teams up with the campaign for safe cosmetics  and tells us the truth about our cosmetics.

So,  now you probably understand why I got thrown off by the RAW cosmetics. I had newer heard of the concept before , and I found it fascinating.


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