The adult time

It may sound like I am writing about something dirty. But no , nothing like it.

Spring brake is almost over. Life will be back to normal on Monday. It is like this every vacation. My «grown up time» shrinks along with the fragility of my mental health. When I  had three kids in the house I discovered that if I did not get at least two hours , before I went to bed.,As a «ME» time. I was going to be drained the day after. I needed this time desperately to gather my self and recharge. And every time there is a change in the program. The routines got messed up. I think the expectations of parenting are that we are super happy and patient all the time. It is however not realistic. If a parent puts himself/herself always in the second place it is going to catch up eventually.I was confronted by a nurse once, she reminded me why it is made especially clear in the safety routines of an airplane, that adults travelling with children put the oxygen mask on first and then assist the children.

It is a good metaphor for parenting, if we are not in shape we are not going to be there for our children either.


4 responses to “The adult time

  1. The oxygen mask analogy was great. As a parent I know exactly what you mean. We need time for ourselves!

  2. It sure got me thinking back then…

  3. I relate! thank u for connecting. this resonates and then again. keep on

  4. Good advice–I hope younger parents will gain some understanding from your post. I didn’t know I should take care of myself first and I broke, too. There are always reasons for everything, but I hope no one else has to break this way…

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