You are what you eat

When in doubt use nutrition first

I am one of those people who have taken responsibility for my health. After years of sugar addiction and nutritional scarcity. I had made myself sick. I was tired, depressed and at worst suicidal. I am still the same person. I look forward to waking up in the morning . I go out of bed and decide it is going to be a lovely day. I did not take any medication. I went on a nutrient based diet. The food I am eating is actually food.

I´m not sure , like suggested in the movie, that 51%  of my diet is raw but I start my day on a shake of fruit , vegetables and oils. I know when I am eating something my body does not want , and I listen more to the signals my body sends out. I read more and learn more.

I did (and will do for the rest of my life one day at a time) some work on my mental health with a 12 the step program for codependents. Sometimes I do yoga. Meditation is next on my list, I am not there yet but I will get there.

I found a link to the movie,»A new way to see food»  it is a documentary , it is over one hour-long. But I am going to post it anyway, because I think the message is important. When I was watching this movie I wished for a medic-leaks that would be the medical wiki-leaks that would actually publish the information that is uncategorized and not available to the public.


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