It is about the journey

Life is a journey not a destination.


I read this inspiring article about the journey and I wanted to share it.

It does not matter what the goal is. If the path there is no fun why bother?

I have goals, all sorts of goals in my life, they are concerning education and some are health related. I have a picture of how I want to spend my old age. But often I stray from the plans because with an open mind something more suitable comes along. Have you ever heard the saying;

When the student is ready the teacher appears

This is one of my favorites because I have been blessed with many lessons from my teachers. And when I am in the middle of it I sometimes have no idea where things are going. 1987 a friend gave me a book by Dr.Wayne W Dyer. It was about self-love, I read it.

I found it last year and read it again. Then I finally understood it. When I was twenty, the words had not the same meaning as they did after I had abandoned and neglected myself. I understood it because finally I was living the message and was going back to being lovable to me.


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