Woman´s intimate health

The Vagina monologue 

Historically when talking about reproduction and «woman» issues it is worth mentioning that it was considered obscene  as late as  1960 to talk about contraceptives. There were limitations prohibiting,  or restricting  sale and advertisement of contraception in several states in the U.S.A at that time.

I wonder if I shall label this a «women only post» because I´m going to write about vaginal health.  I actually was not sure If I should write it. Then I thought if I had gotten the simple information it might have saved me some sleepless nights .

I had severe candida imbalance at times and that included vaginal irritation. The irritation has various causes listed here. Mine was due to my sugar consumption.  There is a solution to the irritation that I don´t  know if are common knowledge.

First of all is to change the diet. Avoid sugar in all shapes and forms. Study a candida balanced diet and last but not least. Use vaginal capsules to build up your flora with good bacteria. There are available small capsules with good bacteria. my brand is called Vivag. And it works wonders.

Candida is dependent on what you eat, so here is a link to the candida diet and all the information you might want about the candida condition. Candida is different from person to person so you have to determine the seriousness of your condition to take the proper action.

I stopped using pads last century. It happened when I discovered the keeper, or the moon cup. I did not buy it in a store but at a home sale. (like tupperware). But now they are available in most health stores.  The keeper is a wonderful little invention. It dates back all the way to the 1930s, believe it or not! I used to have rash after each  menstruation  because of the chemicals and absorbent materials in the pads. That all went away with the keeper. Here is a link to the mooncup-blog if you want to learn more.  (Don´t you just love the internet!?)

I want also to talk about bladder and urinary tract health. Cranberry juice, both juice and capsules work wonders on those problems. I have used both with good results. But I would buy them at a health store, regular cranberry juice or capsules. To avoid infection , try to urinate after having intercourse, the urine cleanses the urinary tract and deminishes therefore possibility of infection.

Do not use strong soap on the vaginal area, only mild and no soap internally!

We are so fixated with body odour that we wash too much at times. The body has equipped the vagina with self cleansing mechanism and yes the hair is there for a reason. Shaving all off is probably not a good idea. It is good to remeber if you drink a lot of coffee it can cause pain when you urinate, that can be cured by drinking more water and less coffee.

One last product all women should have in their possession is the Acti-gel natural product for discomfort in the vaginal area.

Well that is the end of my Vagina monologue. Hope it helps!


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