The transition routine.

Stress release

I find the videos from»The yoga solution» with Tara Styles helpful. They are easy to follow and the stress release routine she presents here I find works really well.

It is wonderful for someone like me , who is a beginner traveling  the path of yoga, to be able to watch at home and do the stress release exercise. I know that yoga is a way of life. But for us who have not mastered it yet. Baby steps can  be helpful.

The bridge between work and home

She mentions the transition time between work and life. That is nice way to put it. And I think that we should pay attention and make the transition. Leave the work at work. I had the bad habit of bringing my work with me home. Then I was in neither place. Not fully at home and neither fully at work because when I was at work I felt guilty not being there for my family.


YOGA (Photo credit: Raios de Luz - Gláucia Góes)

But even when life was at it´s worst for me. My 20-30 minute bicycle ride (in any weather) really made my day. From work to home I got to sweat the day out and the best part was that there was no phone or computer just me and the bike. These minutes often saved my sanity for the day.

Take your time

When I look back I realized this was my daily exercise along with my meditation.



One response to “The transition routine.

  1. love this post, I think I need a yoga class 🙂

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