Life is not a serious business

Should we care what others think?

I have had  the tendency to take myself too seriously. I was constantly afraid of what others might think of me. I grew up with the sentences like «What will people think of you ?» This is something adults still say to children without thinking about it. Why should we care what others think?

I was teased and bullied when I was a kid, I had really strong glasses and I was literally like the dog in H.C andersen´s adventure. I would be like the dog with eyes the size of a saucer. I got to hear about my glasses all the time. What could I do about it? Nothing, I am almost blind on my right eye and have limited vision on my other eye. I got contact lenses when I was 16 years old. Then I saw my eyes in real size for the first time. And I cried. I had beautiful eyes, green normal size eyes.

The low self-esteem factor (The voices in my head)

It has taken me years to get over the low self-esteem and stand up for myself and like me. Most important I can laugh at my mistakes, the dumb things I do and say. I used to be mortified when I said something dumb. And I could dwell on it for day´s. Now I can usually see the funny side of it immediately. (Thanks to my 12 step program) I want to tell you one story of my many mistakes, I alway´s think it is funny.

The importance of laughing at ourselves

I was studying in Norway but living elsewhere, so usually I took the exams at the norwegian embassy. But this time I had to be there because it was an oral exam. I was studying intercultural communication in english. I came to the hotel and was practicing in front of the mirror, half an hour into the practice I realized I speaking the wrong language. I had been practicing in norwegian the whole time instead of english.

The topic was a free of choice so I decided to talk about my husbands art. Because If I forgot what i had planned to say I could always wiggle out of it because knew the subject pretty well. I sent the professor pictures that were going to supplement my lecture. But I sent the wrong folder. The pictures I sent to the teacher were pictures from the leather and bondage club in town. And the first picture was a naked young man, the others were leather dressed gay men. I was mortified. How was I going to explain this?

By the time I came to class to do my lecture I had a talk with my professor and we had a goo laugh about it. He said; «I was really getting excited to hear about the topic»  When I explained the mistake and presented the correct photos we all had a good laugh about it. The thought makes me smile now. But I remember the knot in my stomach back then when I realized what I had sent to him.

So the moral there is laugh! Life is not a serious business!


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