One month of blogging accomplished !

Getting started

I am actually pleased with myself for taking the leap and start my own blog. It is a challenge for me to write  every day. I follow the tips that I find.  And I am thankful for how many are willing to give advice and share the experience. I want to measure the small milestones that are getting me closer to my goal which is to live off my writing.

That is combining my blog with the other things that I am writing. One of my current goals is to get my novel published. I already sent it to a group of vicious friends. The friends that tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. I am lucky enough to have many of those in my life. I am rewriting my novel and hope to send it to a publisher this summer. But in order to become a writer, I have to practice, practice and practice.


My readers in March by country;

I took the statistics for March, my first month. To set goals for April. Average views in March pr. day was 63 so my goal for April is 100. My total views were 1630 , I set the goal to 3000 for April.  And my goal for followers is 750.

I have set a goal of blogging for a year and if by that time I have enough audience I might actually get paid to blog. Which will help me have time for my other writing. So there you have it. The whole truth.

It takes a lot of courage from my side to write this because it scares me. I´m afraid my writing is not good enough.

April goals

100 viewers pr. day

3000 viewers pr. month


I will start each month by stating my goals for the month, it is of course mostly for me. But it might encourage you too to make goals. If we don´t know what we want ourselves. Who knows then?


5 responses to “One month of blogging accomplished !

  1. We are proud to say that we make up some of your Canadian views!!!! Keep it up and you will achieve those goals.

  2. Im going threw the same process as you. I also started blogging this march & I’m just getting the feel of it. I didn’t know it was such a change of lifestyle. It’ shocking to see you saying what I’m feeling. This is a good post 😉 keep it up I’m following.

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