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A Charmed Yogi

good karma street signWhat comes to mind when you think of «karma?»  Does it inspire punitive images of divine retribution?  Do you envision your ex «getting what’s coming to them» for hurting you?  Maybe you’re not quite sure what to think when we talk about karma. Too often, karma is only thought of in terms of payback for a wrongdoing; far far away from the fundamental concept of karma.

The Sanskrit word Karma (or kamma in Pali) literally means action.  Central to dharmic religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, and Wicca karma mainly refers to one’s intention or motivation while doing an action.  Christianity has it’s own tenets of karma in the «The Golden Rule.»  Regardless of religion, the sentiment is essentially the same, «you get what you give.»  For those religions that believe in reincarnation, what you «get» can be accumulated over lifetimes.

In essence, all living creatures are responsible for their karma…

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