Thanks for the support!

Thank you!

After my post yesterday I got a numerous encouraging words from my readers , friends and family. Some were worried that I was not sure to succeed. Probably because I put «it´s my party and I cry if  want to» in parentheses. I did that without much thought or special meaning. It just had a nice ring to it.  The thing is, I am already a success.

I have been at the crossroads and I have made my choice; abundance and gratitude are my favorite directions.

I am my own success!

For me writing, is a huge victory. I was so marked with the criticism that I could not write because I was afraid what others thought,  «what will people think of you» singing in my head. The other big  thing is that before spell check I would write terribly incorrect. Now spell check is my little helper. I don’t see if there is a letter missing or one extra when I write in handwriting. I write words but I don’t read them letter by letter , I read them as a whole so if there is a letter missing I usually won´t  notice. Most of my schooling I was sure I was dumb, but actually I am not. I am a resourceful person. But writing perfect grammar was not my thing back then. And that seemed the key. People take grammar terribly seriously. The result is that it has silenced storytellers.I want to share Ken Robinson‘s  lecture on how schools kill creativity. He is one of my favorites.

I overcame my fear of what other people think by practicing. I do not take it personally if you don’t like me, or what I write. It has nothing to do with me. It makes me sad to think about how I let others and their opinion overwrite my own. I don´t regret anything in my life. I can see the beauty of it. I can see the purpose of it. Now when I have made my self distant from it , I can thank for the lesson and thank for the experience.

I was a happy kid with loads of stories to tell, but school and my surroundings silenced me. I started to work on my throat chakra just after the millennium and it has been a long hard road. I am still not all that comfortable speaking in public. I do it if I need to but I don´t want to. I have found my voice, it is in my writing.

Positive attitude is a powerful force,

may the force be with you!


2 responses to “Thanks for the support!

  1. positive attitude > powerful force…I like that

  2. Tilbaketråkk: More Ken Robinson | Holistic me

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