Save money and loose weight?

Win win situation

I have often thought about buying a car, especially when I have been fighting strong wind almost flying off. I have been on the verge of giving in and walk into the car dealers and buy myself a small car. But then I calm down and  do the math once again, and come to the same conclusion as previous times. It is not worth it! You can learn more here about the cost of owning a car. Car is not an investment it is consumption, it devaluates every year, it has reparation costs, it runs on expensive juice and the insurance, registration fees and taxes it all adds up. It is ridiculous how much it costs. And with the prices of gas today!

The different mindset

Walking and using a bicycle becomes more and more appealing. But how are our surroundings designed? Not that bicycle friendly are they?. But it is possible to avoid using a car, but it takes a different mindset. It takes   planning. And if there is no public transport it  takes a lot of effort. But I have to say it is possible! I thought I would definitely have to drive since I was going to stay in the US for one year I knew it was going to be a challenge. But it is the same as everywhere, the location where you live has a great deal to say. I can walk to my class, my daughter can walk to her school. I can walk to minimart but I have to use a bicycle to go shopping. Before you try the bicycle lifestyle you have to do some serious planning. When I bought my house the location was carefully selected to support my car free lifestyle. My husband likes driving so he does not care as much as I do about the location. I admit it can be hard, but in the end of the day it is worth the benefits that a car free lifestyle has to offer.


4 responses to “Save money and loose weight?

  1. I am not driving and not having a driving license and the more I read your post the more I thought that my bike is my best friend both for my fitness, freedom and wallet !

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