When educators understand their purpose

A heartwarming story from Reykjavik

This is the nest of Ravens Huginn and Harpa they used the easter vacation to build their  nest under the roof of an elementary school, in the center of Reykjavik Iceland. That is perhaps not such a big deal. But, the very loud school bell is right under the nest.

When teachers and children returned to their posts after easter.The principal decided to detach the electric school bell, in order not to disturb ,the Raven couple. He decided to bring out the bell from 1930 in order to replace the electric one. This is an old hand-held bell, and a treasure of the past. The children now enjoy the encounter of the old bell instead of the loud electrical one. By doing this the principal is making the most of his role as an educator. He is respecting the life of other creatures. He is setting an outstanding example for his students. He has given the students a great opportunity to first hand follow the pair of Ravens build a home for their young and the kids absorb everything about the birds. I think this is such a lovely story and I wanted to share with you. Because the role of an educator , when used wisely can lead to so much good. This is such a beautiful opportunity the principal has used to better the world.


5 responses to “When educators understand their purpose

  1. What a great story! We need more people like the principal of that school to help teach us such important lessons as this, respect for all of God’s creatures – lovely 🙂

  2. We sure do need more people like that!

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