How do you see your body?

Killing us softly?

Jean Kilbourne´s  lecture on body image in marketing. Computer retouching and Photoshop. She has worked in this field for years and is also contributing to Miss representation´s video later in the post.


In 500 years what happened to the image of women?

Video on 500 years of women in art, where did we derail? Where did we get the standards of beauty that we hold today?


Where does it all end?

Video from Miss representation, a must see for all parents. Average American teenager is exposed to media 10 hours and 45 minutes every day! Girls get the message that the most important thing is how they look. It does not matter what a woman accomplishes. It all comes down to her looks.

I have two daughters, I want them to be valued on their talents and skills not their looks. I want them to have healthy body image. I thought I had a positive body image untill, I had a terrible moment of truth when I got married. I was in a state of shock when I saw the wedding pictures. My mind had been diluted by the image of how I should look. And I was greatly disappointed with the pictures. I  saw a flat chested woman with a small head and huge calf’s! It took me six months to get used to the photos, now I like them very much. But I had no idea how polluted my mind was until I had this experience.

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9 responses to “How do you see your body?

  1. Looks are a hard facade to maintain. And I believe the commercialization of that facade (which has a multi-gazillion dollar cosmetic, clothing, dieting industries) has led us into many misconceptions and stereotypes of women. While men AND women buy into this concept of «beauty» and always seeking to stay looking younger.

  2. You are right money talks! .And because the pressure is so massive we have to be alert and awake not to get sucked into it.

  3. I had seen all of the videos except «500 Years of Women in Art» which I found absolutely gorgeous. How beautiful and round women’s faces were «allowed» to be then- particularly when juxtaposed against the all pervasive images of angularity now. High cheek bones, slim faces, tiny noses… (think Megan Fox, Courtney Cox, Angelina Jolie.)
    Thank you for sharing. I see that we have a lot of books in common too! If only I could figure out how to get the Goodreads widget attached to my blog! (I’ve tried!)
    I hope you will continue to follow me at and



    • I´m studying art history, and I had noticed that in art women are round and the beauty «ideal» has changed over time. When I found the 500 years video I connected with the Miss representation immediately.
      Thanks for reading! Holistic , Aurora

  4. Very good points! A society’s idea of beauty is so insidious–I think one of the most vivid examples was in ancient China and the binding of girls’ feet because unnaturally tiny feet were considered a mark of beauty and desirablitly. I think that we need to emphasize character over beauty for all of our children, both male and female.

    • Absoulutely! Think about the pain women have been exposed to.
      In the miss representation trailer, there is a news commentator that had this to say on a women becoming president; «We don´t need PMS and moodsvings in the oval office» …Really???

  5. I had to stop back and thank you for the timing of this. Last night on our way to her sports practice, my daughter was feeling some body shame. It’s not that she’s even overweight, but she has some friends that are naturally stick thin and it makes her feel self-conscious and inferior. I told her that we would need to watch these so she can see that so much of what we consider acceptable is a facade. Thanks!

    • It is so hard getting the message to our kids that they are perfect as they are! And that what others say has nothing to do with them but everything to do with the other person. I’m really glad that it helped out. I do not have a scale in the house I´m so afraid that my daughters will fixate on their weight, not how they feel in their own skin.

      • The funny part is no one has even said anything to her about her weight! I asked her if kids said she was fat or teased her and she said no, no one says anything. She just sees her tiny friends, and feels some of her clothes getting tight, and it makes her feel big. She has a strong, muscular body from dance and derby. She’s not built to be stick thin, and I would be worried if she did get that size because she would clearly not be healthy. But she sees her smaller friends and the pics in magazines and thinks that’s normal. *sigh*

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