Goals for May

As I stated earlier I am going to make updates and reflect on goals made for each month.

My April goals were;

100 viewers pr. day the result was 89

3000 viewers pr. month 2663 was the total!

750 followers Followers accomplished, total followers 763

Pretty impressive or what?

May goals

100 viewers pr. day

3100 viewers pr. month


Thank you all for reading, commenting and liking, I really appreciate the effort you are making!

I will start each month by stating my goals for the month, it is of course mostly for me. But it might encourage you too to make goals. If we don´t know what we want ourselves. Who knows then?


7 responses to “Goals for May

  1. Yes, very impressive! But here’s my question–how did you REACH those goals??!

  2. Very impressive, Madam

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