Young women on positive body image

Embrace the variety!

What we can probably all agree on, is that it would be a sad fact if we all were the same.

Luckily we come in all sizes and shapes. But somehow a particular body type has become superior. This is an article on positive body image. It is about what the young women of  Glenbard South High School, did to raise awareness. This is  a group of young women that are campaigning to change the mindset on body image — an insecurity that’s plagued many teens for generations.

We can ask the question, why the skinny is considered healthier. Well there are numerous reasons for it , the first obesity is a huge problem. But the image that a skinny person is healthier than someone who has a little meat on the bones is misconception. Healthy consists of more than weight. It includes how we see our selves and how we treat ourselves. How do we talk to our body?

We should actually be thankful for being healthy every day that we are, because it is not necessary something we can take for granted. So celebrate a healthy body. In whatever size or shape it might come.

Just for fun I want to present this photo of olympic athletes; just to make sure that my message of variety comes across! The sport each one of them is competing in is listed under each athlete depicted.

Twenty something years ago my friend was participating in a beauty contest. Then she used the famous coffee and cigarette diet. Eating nothing and drinking coffee and smoking! YUK…Then we were skinny but NOT healthy.

There is a reason why skinny is not alway´s healthy and the misconception starts with our own image of ourselves.

The body is a temple, treat it that way.


6 responses to “Young women on positive body image

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  3. I did a post a while ago on skin does not mean healthy, and proved it with my own breast cancer but in regards to the standard, we’ve been fed it by companies and now we believe it. Medically, healthy is particular to each of us. From a skinny perspective, I don’t look at heavier women and judge them. I am however juged by them, so both sides have something to learn.

    • I agree that the respect should be both way´s. People comment on my figure all the time, especially at times when I had difficulty keeping the weight.

  4. Great article. We’re so far away from embracing health at EVERY size! Love the photo of the athletes.

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