Ahhh, balance

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Emotions, of themselves, are not a problem. Everyone experiences a range of emotional feeling throughout their lives: Sadness, anger, joy, worry and so forth. They are a natural part of our embodied experience and a normal response to our environment. They are neither positive nor negative. They only become problematic when they are notably intense and excessive and, especially, when prolonged over a long period of time, without expression or acknowledgment. Everyone feels anger at times, but it is normally a strong, but short-lived, response to a direct and immediate stimulus. It is when anger is sustained for months or years that it becomes an endogenous cause of disease.

In the view of Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM), mind and body are interconnected and inseparable. Therefore, extreme emotions can not only cause a disharmony in the functioning of the internal organs of the body but imbalanced organ functions can cause…

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