Want milk?

The jungle of dietary information

I want to introduce you  to  KrisKris blog, I love this post on nutritionists. I was lucky when I was beginning my journey that my nutritionist was not traditional. Her advice was simple and helpful.

Do you remember Got Milk?  Campaign?

The information we get from the campaign is that milk is going to cover our need of calcium. I don’t think anyone I know that is concerned about their health uses any dairy products. If they do it is in a minimal amounts.I have the bad habit of putting milk in my coffee. And I have difficulty not eating cheese. I just love the taste! But my stomach and intestines, don’t like neither of them not coffee, not milk and not cheese! If you want to know why I don´t think we need milk you can read this PDF

I came across the Save our bones program when I was looking for scholarly material on milk. Interestingly enough, when I was doing the research online it was overwritten by the Milk industry, It was obvious to me who holds the money and resources to write in favor of milk. Vivian Goldschmidt took matter in her own hands after being diagnosed with osteoporosis. I shares her opinion on milk.

What she suggests is that we rethink the whole calcium intake picture.

RESTORE stands for:

Number 1: Rethink your bone health.

Number 2: Stop the bone thieves. (including milk)

Number 3: Rebuild your bones.

The irony is that the medications prescribed for osteoporosis, actually make the bone loss worse so does milk. Why would someone who makes a living of selling you medicine for osteoporosis want you to get better?

There is a connection between firm muscles and firm bones. Here is

The best advice I got was from my dietician when my daughter could not sleep. She was irritable and restless and was all over the place. She told me to buy liquid calcium magnesium blend and give it before she went to bed. And she slept like a baby. The reason was when she was growing her legs were itchy and irritable but the calcium magnesium «boost» helped her relax. We have used calcium magnesium blend as a anti stress remedy before sleep with wonderful results.

My daughter, now nine comes when she can´t sleep and asks for the calcium magnesium blend, because she knows it works.

So there you have it I´m not a big fan of milk, except for calves. I just have to add this video that I just found on acne and skim milk.


3 responses to “Want milk?

  1. bellissimom

    Very interesting about what your nutritionist suggested for your daughter. I have never heard that before but will keep that in mind.

    • When my son was suffering with growing pains I wish I had known. It worked wonders with my daughter. Probably the most useful nutritional info I ever got!

  2. Tilbaketråkk: Acidic food | Holistic me

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