The Medical prescription marketing

I´m on a roll now!

I just finished my last day of school yesterday . This has been my year as an exchange student in the US. I did not give me the time to blog during the week of finals. I could have, but I chose not to. I wanted to focus on the finals last week. I did pretty good. I choked in one of my art history exams but I already passed the course before the exam. I do not know the «damage» , and quite frankly it does not bother me.

I have spent the morning catching up with blogs. They are my source of information and inspiration. I have posted some new videos and links on  alternative medication. Medication through food the Dr. Michael Klaper way.

I found Blogging hounds post interesting and I wanted to share  these videos on the history of psychiatric medicine, The first video which is a full movie length 1.34.43. The second video is only nine minutes and is on Virapen, and the pharmaceutical industry it is unbelievable if it is true.

«Virapen states the he eventually became the executive director “of one of the largest and most evil companies in the world…Eli Lily and Company.” He further added “I did a lot of bad things…people were dying from taking medication that was legalized because I had bribed the Swedish government.”

Note; the Swedish government, the most reliable government that I could think of. What is then happening in the countries that have a reputation of bribery and corrupt politics?

What is it that makes few of our fellow-men so greedy that they pollute the planet, kill their fellow-men and for what? We are borrowing the planet, if we live long we can live for 100 years. We are microscopical in the global historical context. What gives people the right?

I am astounded,by the imperfections of our race.The human race.

I tried to find a response from the Swedish government on the accusations but could not find a  single one.


2 responses to “The Medical prescription marketing

  1. My first job out of college was as a Pharmaceutical Representative (marketing prescription drugs), my wife writes prescriptions so I know a lot about this industry and there are things going on in the industry that will astound people.

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