An extremely interesting post on dental health with a link to the source. Cancer truth has loads of interesting articles on cancer and the holistic relationship.

Bio-Sil South Africa

Four Dental Causes of Cancer


Hi folks,

I often say it’s a miracle that we, as the wonderful living beings that we are, are still alive.   When one considers what we’ve been bombarded with (such a chemtrails; aspartame; vaccines; fluoride; genetically butchered foods etc etc etc etc) and now conventional dentistry.  The onslaught on our pearlies!    

 As with reflexology, each part of the foot is related to some part in the body;   well so is each tooth connected to a point in the body.   It’s not just the mercury fillings that cause serious health conditions and negative immune reactions in 90% of us, but also the white composite fillings !

I have just started reading an amazing book which is mightily revelatory, right from the foreword by the President of the Holistic Dental Association :

«Conventional dentists view the teeth and dental health as…

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