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Year of the Detox

This is a great article I found explaining why pesticides are bad for us. Yes, we all like to eat things that are pretty but I think I’d choose healthy over pretty any day. Not only do pesticides have a negative impact on the health of humans, but they have a negative impact on wildlife and the environment as a whole. Read on to learn more, but be prepared to be shocked and/or appalled.

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5 Reasons Why Pesticides are Bad

Photo by  Kevin Lallier.
Photo by Kevin Lallier.

At this point, most people are at least somewhat aware that pesticides cause a great deal of environmental harm. Less well known are the effects pesticides have on individual and public health. Here, I give you 5 compelling reasons to avoid pesticides.

A quick note: This list is a little data-heavy.  To start, it will help to read through the bold…

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