Health food that makes us fat!

The statement should be wrong

The controversy is that marketing can sell us anything as health food. Even something that we truly believe is doing us good, is making us fat.

Visit BBC website to see clips and read more

«In Britain the sales of foods marketed as healthier are rocketing. But what if the very food sold to us as healthier is making us fat? Pierre Chandon, a  Professor at Harvard Business School, has done ground breaking research into how fattening foods are marketed as healthy.»

Together with Brian Wansink he wants us to avoid the health HALOS

And what they call mindless eating.

So if you wonder who holds the power in the health food industry (organic) apart from the fast food chains they are talking about, like Subway brainwashing «LOW FAT»ads and commercials.

Here is a network map for you, to get the picture;


One response to “Health food that makes us fat!

  1. Thanks for the mention!

    Your blog has some great articles, I am just going through them now!

    Thanks for the information – everything is clear and easy to ‘digest’ .


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