Goals for July

I am defeated..NOT!! But maybe a little deflated (It feels like all the air is out of me right now)

I did not achieve my blog goals for June, but I am setting new ones for July anyway. I have moved from Manhattan,  Kansas in the US to Kopavogur Iceland this June so I can say that I have some excuse. Mainly what happened was that I stopped blogging every day. My motivation has not come back full force. I am adjusting to a new reality and now I have to get my routine back. The challenge is one post a day in July.

My June goals were;

100 viewers pr. day

3000 viewers pr. month


My results for June 2012  are

27 readers pr. day, 821 readers pr. month and 812 followers(the only goal I achieved)

which means that I have to start from scratch. At least set more realistic goals while I get back on track.

Then on the positive note!

Still, I got 821 readers in June, thank you for the likes, visits and comments. It is a good and positive experience to be here with you all! And I got a Versatile blogger nomination! So all in all it was a good month. Lots to be thankful for. Thank you!

July goals

50 viewers pr. day

1550 viewers pr. month



2 responses to “Goals for July

  1. Best wishes for your goals…keep stepping
    be good to yourself

  2. Now it is one step at the time, one day at a time 🙂 Namaste, Aurora

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