A true yes and a true no

 Simple enough?

I had a discussion the other day with friends. The topic was honesty. No white lyes no arranging the truth to accommodate other people’s feelings.

It All Came True

It All Came True ©Wikipedia

Someone boiled the answer into this ;

When you say no, mean it, and when you say yes, mean it.

It is just as simple as that! If we stop saying yes to things that we don´t want to do we feel better about our selves.

Many of us , including me had to learn how to say no. I said yes long after my schedule was full and my days were so stressful that I woke up in tension.

But what I realized was that the yes has to be true too. Not only did I have to learn to say no in a gentle, loving manner. I need also to learn to mean the yes.

The funny thing is that my gut-feeling tells me if I am sincere about my yes and no.

If I´m not truthful to my self, my physical body reacts. The second thoughts start bothering me, the doubts, the anxious feeling in my stomach. Amazing isn´t it?


2 responses to “A true yes and a true no

  1. YES! I agree! Our bodies guide us to the truth of what’s «yes» for us. Everything else is a «no»…thanks for the reminder!

  2. Love it! Thank you!

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