Basic form of mind control

If the world was perfect

Mind control might be helpful and useful. But in the world we live in I´m not too shure. David posted this picture today, for me it was a shock. It say´s so much in so few words;

In a positive world this is a good thing.As you can see in the things David listed. But in a not so perfect world it is a horrible thing.

How can sick people use mind control?

The same way as healthy people. But for their own sick purposes. A sick person can manipulate and control others with the tools of repetition. When people hear something often enough they start to believe.

Take living with an alcoholic as an example. The alcoholic does not remember what he or she does during drinking. But the wife, children, siblings whoever is living with the alcoholic remembers. The others remember and it is scaring them for life. Take an example of a drinking mother that goes on about how hopeless her daughter is every time she is drinking. Even though her daughter sees that the mother is drunk and should not be listened to. It sinks in. Repeat it often enough that someone is impossible and in the end you will succeed. They will believe. Hence mind control.

It is in our hands when we come across people like that in our lives, we have to go into   self-protection mode, treat them like the cancer they are and remove  from your life.

Even if it are your children, when they are over twenty and still blaming you for all their bad luck. That is all you get to hear from them. How you ruined their life. When our children have moved out of the house they have a responsibility. Yes we can blame our parents for the things they did, But there comes a time for forgiveness and letting go. When we become adults. When we are 30, 40, 50 it is not about the horrible childhood anymore. It is about how well we have worked on our own. We have the responsibility to be adults.

That is  why I have decided that I am responsible for my own well being I am worthy, and this is the best day of my life.


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