Keeping up the good work

I tend to stray from all my good intentions.

I wake up in the morning full of good intentions, then I stray off and the pile of work undone is getting bigger. I have too much time on my hands. I really need some deadlines to get into action and finish something!

Isin´t it amazing?

I have one small paper and a B.A thesis to write this summer, but I can´t seem to keep my mind on it. Then I get frustrated because the deadline is now one month closer than it was last time I checked. I know I will finish on time. I alway´s do. But keeping at it and doing the politically correct thing, (writing something every day )is not happening.  The pace I´m at now means that I will have to work night and day right before deadline. Once again. But I really don´t want it to be that way.

Do you have some good advice?

I could really use some help organizing, what has worked for you?


10 responses to “Keeping up the good work

  1. That’s a tough one. I’m a pro at procrastinating and then working like mad towards the end. I have been doing much better lately with my online course… The key has been to divide the task in manageable bits. I give myself a weekly deadline with a clear goal ie: not write everyday, but write x number of pages by the end of the week. Hope this helps

  2. One thing I think is really important, be gentle with yourself. We tend to beat ourselves up and nag ourselves which is THE worlds worst motivator! 🙂
    I recommend that you give yourself a big hug and really honor all the things you do!! (After all you are sitting in the middle of the summer while everyone around you are enjoying life and their holiday, working!!! You deserve a medal!! )
    Then make a plan of working say 2 hours, then plan to do something nice, fun, relaxing, energizing, anything you love that feeds you – enjoy it and start work again!
    This is my remedy 🙂 Good luck!

  3. Thank you Anne! Inspiring as alway´s!! Thanks for the good advice I will definately try the remedy 🙂

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  5. I’ve given you the Illuminating Blogger Award. If you’d like to accept, you can see the rules here:

  6. I so understand – right there with you! To me, routine and (a moderate amount of) planning seem to work. I’ve been putting of learning Icelandic for a while now, and got back on track by setting up a time (morning… EARLY morning) for it every day: I put my alarm on a bit earlier and start the day with an hour or two of language studies, and after a couple of days it has become a routine that I actually really enjoy 🙂 Gángi thér vel!

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