Stressful life?

The reason I have not been writing is lack of time. Well..not lack of it I have 24 hours a day like the rest of you! I have a family, job and I am studying so I have to choose. One of the things that I chose to rest was my blog. It is funny when I stopped, months went by and the motivation somehow just did not come back.

Maybe because this summer I wrote my thesis in Art history and between work and family I was writing my thesis. So to get away from it all!! Would not include writing.


Zebra ©James F Clay

What inspired me to write today is the fact that young women are having heart attacks due to as it seems stress. And stress related disease I read this article, why do zebras not get ulcers on Wikipedia and I think it is interesting that the repeated stress is making us sick. Because we are constantly in stress mode opposed the stress of the zebra that is purely ´run for your life now´

Then there was this doctors article on French women and heart disease. Pretty interesting. The conclusion is;

«Considering that the young women in the FAST – MI registry tended not to have high cholesterol levels nor high blood pressure, one has to wonder about a possible  role of inflammation. We do know that inflammation is involved in atherosclerosis and acute coronary events, although a causative role has yet to be defined and proven or unproven. Inflammation is certainly related to both obesity and smoking and could therefore, at least in theory, be a common link explaining the changes in risk profile among French women suffering a heart attack. I wonder if the French paradox is till alive and well.»

The doc´s blog is full of useful info and links.

So what to do?

Relax cut yourself some slack. And breathe through your heart 🙂



One response to “Stressful life?

  1. Stress does nothing but reek havoc on us, but activities like tai chi, yoga, and meditation can help bring our levels to equilibrium:)

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