How do I sell myself?

Job application

??????????I am applying for jobs, I graduate in June, the date is set for graduation on June 22nd. Graduation means that I am at the end of the road. It is a closure to three years of hard work. Now it is back to business for me and the task ahead is landing a job. preferably it would be in the field of Art History but I have realized I cannot afford the cultural sector, for the time being. Therefore I have to find a job that is interesting, well paid and hopefully something that is fun to do. It would not hurt if the colleagues are nice and the benefits and company culture are amazing. Asking too much??

How do I sell myself?

I got an email today from a job agency, I was supposed to send something that would prove me worthy of  copywriting. So I pointed them to my blog. I realized that it is the only online forum that I have ever written, in English at least. Then I noticed that the last post was hardly showing my writing skills, I would have to write  longer text and make it juicy in order to be  considered for the job.

I have to write a text that does myself justice.

sell-your-training-for-website1I am hard-working, I am creative, I see possibilities where other see only obstacles. I wake up in the morning and decide that it is going to be a good day. In the evening I thank for what the day has brought to me.I am thankful for the opportunities and challenges that I have gotten till now and I am convinced that this time around I will be as lucky as before. I have practiced my writing skills for the past year and a half, both  in my study´s  and this blog. Now I´ll wait and see what is to be my next adventure.What will it be??? Stay tuned 🙂


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  1. My favorite website / blog for job searching tips:

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