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A good reason for meatless monday

dont-have-a-cowThe City of Vancouver is going forward with a good example, Their Mayor Gregor Robertson , claims that; They will be proclaiming June 10 to be “Meatless Monday” in honour of a growing global campaign that encourages carnivores to take a break from consuming animal products one day a week for environmental and health reasons.Read more: 

Information from the World watch institute about development in meat consumption

Screen shot 2013-06-01 at 2.02.54 AM

Difference between meat consumption in developing and industrial countries is shrinking, it remains high: the average person in a developing country ate 32.3 kg of meat in 2011, while in industrial countries people on average ate 78.9 kg.

I cannot answer how far man»kind» is going to go to MAXIMIZE meat production. This is beyond sick;

mynd af opnum maga

Cows are meant to eat grass not corn, how do we «solve» the problem? Do you want to know?

The purpose of this method is to investigate the digestive process of each feed which is supplied to the cow, always with the purpose of obtaining the greatest possible productivity in milk and meat, saving in every possible cost. This is one of many incredible and gruesome experiments which are performed daily, in a society that values non-human animals as objects for use and consumption.

source; Vegetarian friend

Many people assume that beef and dairy cows spend most of their lives happily grazing in grassy meadows. The reality is that most cattle in the United States spend significant parts of their lives in crowded feedlots with hundreds or thousands of other animals, eating feed that contains large amounts of grain (primarily corn). While cattle on pasture rarely get sick, those confined to feedlots and fed grain are prone to disease and most feedlots operators routinely feed antibiotics to prevent illness and to accelerate growth. This, in turn, increases the risk of antibiotic resistance in humans. In addition, air and water pollution stemming from dust and mountains of feedlots manure, and the many fertilizers and pesticides used in grain production, exact a heavy toll on the environment and the health of farmers, farm workers, and nearby residents.

source; Sustainable agriculture/greener pastures 

I can´t  understand why people actually want to consume something that is treated this badly.

Neither do I understand this, no respect what so ever, in the end no respect for your own body.

I just get sad.


When I thought Monsanto was a person

946659_596355013716356_1069360330_nWhen I first heard about Monsanto I thought; does the guy not have a heart? Well actually «he» does not.

Because «he» does not exist. Monsanto is a global corporation that stems from the chemical, industry and developed pesticides. The seeds business is as far from the chemical industry as you can imagine.

Seeds are to Monsanto corp. a patent,  something that is registered and privatized! That is why it is important that we do not just watch it happen.

I reblogged on Monsanto from «To your health»  last year;This was Monsanto action against GMO labelling;  and then I blogged about the lack of GMO education

Do we want the crops and the seeds to be mutated and made to something that  is far from the creation. A laboratory creation that can drive the bees to extinction?

Therefore the March against Monsanto that was on the 25th of May, is super important to us. Here is the Press from the event. People came together globally, thanks to social media, to raise awareness against the threat of Monsanto.

Dr Vandana Shiva educates us why it is important;

on the May 25th walk

Pollution V.S Pollination

The dangerous polluting seeds that Monsanto  is promoting is killing the bees, the main pollinator, here is a website for the film the queen of the sun

The world according to Monsanto is not the world I want to live in , it is explained in this full length documentary;

Some advice how to avoid Monsanto taken from April Dávila she wrote it for Yesmagazine!

Good First Steps

While it’s extremely difficult to entirely avoid Monsanto, there are some basic guidelines that anyone can use to minimize the genetically modified organisms in their lives.

  1. Avoid processed foods. In particular, eliminate High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) from your diet and be sure to read labels. HFCS appears in everything from sodas to wheat bread.

  2. Consider going vegetarian, limiting your meat consumption, or buying grass-fed varieties. Over 60 percent of genetically modified corn goes to feed cattle on polluting concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in America.

  3. Buy organic dairy products to make sure animals weren’t given Monsanto’s recombinant bovine growth hormone.

  4. Buy organic cotton when you can. Monsanto is a major player in the cotton industry. Even though cotton makes up only 2.5 percent of the world’s crops, it is doused with 16 percent of the world’s pesticides. Cotton pesticides, most of which are listed as “extremely hazardous” by the World Health Organization, turn up regularly in water sources around the globe.

To avoid supporting the companies that buy polluted crops from Monsanto here is the full list;


How do I sell myself?

Job application

??????????I am applying for jobs, I graduate in June, the date is set for graduation on June 22nd. Graduation means that I am at the end of the road. It is a closure to three years of hard work. Now it is back to business for me and the task ahead is landing a job. preferably it would be in the field of Art History but I have realized I cannot afford the cultural sector, for the time being. Therefore I have to find a job that is interesting, well paid and hopefully something that is fun to do. It would not hurt if the colleagues are nice and the benefits and company culture are amazing. Asking too much??

How do I sell myself?

I got an email today from a job agency, I was supposed to send something that would prove me worthy of  copywriting. So I pointed them to my blog. I realized that it is the only online forum that I have ever written, in English at least. Then I noticed that the last post was hardly showing my writing skills, I would have to write  longer text and make it juicy in order to be  considered for the job.

I have to write a text that does myself justice.

sell-your-training-for-website1I am hard-working, I am creative, I see possibilities where other see only obstacles. I wake up in the morning and decide that it is going to be a good day. In the evening I thank for what the day has brought to me.I am thankful for the opportunities and challenges that I have gotten till now and I am convinced that this time around I will be as lucky as before. I have practiced my writing skills for the past year and a half, both  in my study´s  and this blog. Now I´ll wait and see what is to be my next adventure.What will it be??? Stay tuned 🙂

Keep it simple eat real food!

My sister posted this on Facebook recently, I have watched this lecture by Dr. Terry Wahls few times and it makes such sense what she is saying. I hope that she gets through to people suffering. I hope the perception drug mafia does not manage to silence her!

keep it simple, eat real food in variety and color!

Bon appétit


Meatless monday?

Do we have to eat meat every day?

I am concerned about the future we have as a race. I worry about the consequences of globalization and global warming. I think it is sad how we have treated our mother. Mother earth. There are some things, little things that we can do to minimize the damage. If we all stopped eating meat. It would help the planet tremendously. But is it realistic?



But what if we just started with one meat meal less pr. week? It would actually make a big difference. Read this article on research on the impact of too much meat being produced globally. Here is part of the articles conclusion;

«The case against eating animal products is ironclad; it’s not a new argument, and it goes way beyond just global warming. Animals will not grow or produce flesh, milk, or eggs without food and water; they won’t do it without producing excrement; and the stages of meat, dairy, and egg production will always cause pollution and be resource-intensive.»

Not to mention the health benefits, save you and save the planet while doing it! Start with meatless monday.

I could´t help throwing in some hard-core message, the Smiths say it their way.

Stressful life?

The reason I have not been writing is lack of time. Well..not lack of it I have 24 hours a day like the rest of you! I have a family, job and I am studying so I have to choose. One of the things that I chose to rest was my blog. It is funny when I stopped, months went by and the motivation somehow just did not come back.

Maybe because this summer I wrote my thesis in Art history and between work and family I was writing my thesis. So to get away from it all!! Would not include writing.


Zebra ©James F Clay

What inspired me to write today is the fact that young women are having heart attacks due to as it seems stress. And stress related disease I read this article, why do zebras not get ulcers on Wikipedia and I think it is interesting that the repeated stress is making us sick. Because we are constantly in stress mode opposed the stress of the zebra that is purely ´run for your life now´

Then there was this doctors article on French women and heart disease. Pretty interesting. The conclusion is;

«Considering that the young women in the FAST – MI registry tended not to have high cholesterol levels nor high blood pressure, one has to wonder about a possible  role of inflammation. We do know that inflammation is involved in atherosclerosis and acute coronary events, although a causative role has yet to be defined and proven or unproven. Inflammation is certainly related to both obesity and smoking and could therefore, at least in theory, be a common link explaining the changes in risk profile among French women suffering a heart attack. I wonder if the French paradox is till alive and well.»

The doc´s blog is full of useful info and links.

So what to do?

Relax cut yourself some slack. And breathe through your heart 🙂


15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy, by Dana Saviuc

15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy, by Dana Saviuc.