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How do I sell myself?

Job application

??????????I am applying for jobs, I graduate in June, the date is set for graduation on June 22nd. Graduation means that I am at the end of the road. It is a closure to three years of hard work. Now it is back to business for me and the task ahead is landing a job. preferably it would be in the field of Art History but I have realized I cannot afford the cultural sector, for the time being. Therefore I have to find a job that is interesting, well paid and hopefully something that is fun to do. It would not hurt if the colleagues are nice and the benefits and company culture are amazing. Asking too much??

How do I sell myself?

I got an email today from a job agency, I was supposed to send something that would prove me worthy of  copywriting. So I pointed them to my blog. I realized that it is the only online forum that I have ever written, in English at least. Then I noticed that the last post was hardly showing my writing skills, I would have to write  longer text and make it juicy in order to be  considered for the job.

I have to write a text that does myself justice.

sell-your-training-for-website1I am hard-working, I am creative, I see possibilities where other see only obstacles. I wake up in the morning and decide that it is going to be a good day. In the evening I thank for what the day has brought to me.I am thankful for the opportunities and challenges that I have gotten till now and I am convinced that this time around I will be as lucky as before. I have practiced my writing skills for the past year and a half, both  in my study´s  and this blog. Now I´ll wait and see what is to be my next adventure.What will it be??? Stay tuned 🙂


Thank you for visiting I really appreciate it!

Thank you for visiting I really appreciate it!

Last years results

Screen shot 2013-01-05 at 3.42.34 PM

Spiders and drunks

Maman by Louise Bourgeois

Maman by Louise Bourgeois ©Wikipedia

How do I stay positive?

We live wall to wall with heavy drinkers. Christmas and New years has been extremely busy for them. They «party» all day and all night then find a time to «sleep» now and then. That is , they pass out and when they wake up they are at it again. Many days of drinking makes a person insane. So for the last three nights and day´s we have heard screams coming from the person that is in the worst condition. My husband thinks the person is experiencing delirium tremens or some sort of psychotic state. Well…. our bedroom is wall to wall with their living room so there have been some sleepless nights in the past. The screaming is worst. Well ….the polish disco is pretty bad too, actually… so is the occasional singing.

Two nights ago I was fast a sleep when I woke up at 01:30 and  could not sleep again. I called the police but it actually did not change much. So after the sleepless night I called work and asked to work from home and crawled into bed to get some rest.

Last night when we were going to bed it sounded like  we would not get any rest so we decided to camp out in our living room. Which we did and we made it a fun experience. Totally different from the night before when we were giving our drunk neighbors full control over our mood. We already have talked to the neighbours, yelled at them, called the police, talked to the landlord. Nothing we do is going to change the way they choose to live. So the action plan is to open the wall in the bedroom and look at the isolation, improve the isolation and when it is at its worst, camp out in the living room.

When I was putting our duvet and pillows from the camping back ,I noticed two, not one, but two huge spiders in my bed. Ugh….they had come with the madras from the storage room. I saw the third spider when putting the madras away again in the storage room. It is winter!!! There are not supposed to be any spiders alive in January!!!

I love all gods creatures but I actually am not fond of sleeping with them.

That is my story of spiders and drunks for today.

Although my spiders did not have the beauty of Louise Bourgeois spiders which are my favorite spiders in the world.

The reslults are in

If everyone in  the world had my BMI  the globe could get rid of 21 million tons! WOW that is something. If you want to know your «rank» in the world you can do it at BBC´s web.

Fun, trivia before the weekend…But, I am comfortable in my own skin, that is the victory in my eyes. That is not connected to my BMI.

Keeping up the good work

I tend to stray from all my good intentions.

I wake up in the morning full of good intentions, then I stray off and the pile of work undone is getting bigger. I have too much time on my hands. I really need some deadlines to get into action and finish something!

Isin´t it amazing?

I have one small paper and a B.A thesis to write this summer, but I can´t seem to keep my mind on it. Then I get frustrated because the deadline is now one month closer than it was last time I checked. I know I will finish on time. I alway´s do. But keeping at it and doing the politically correct thing, (writing something every day )is not happening.  The pace I´m at now means that I will have to work night and day right before deadline. Once again. But I really don´t want it to be that way.

Do you have some good advice?

I could really use some help organizing, what has worked for you?


All achievement should be celebrated

Great achievement should be selebated

I have my personal achievement barometer, I like the messages that pop up from WordPress. They are encouraging and push me to keep at it! Today I celebrate my 100th post. That scored high on my personal achievement barometer yay!!!

Lovely way to celebrate 4th of July, all you need to «say» is in these gifs.

disney fireworksdisney fireworks 2Disney fireworks 3

Source: The Blog of Dreams .  Happy 4th of July from Disney World

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