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What effects my health?

Three almonds a day keep the doctor away.

'Discovery' apples grown in GartocharnI have  also heard this saying; an apple a day keeps the doctor away.    If it was that simple to stay healthy. But it is complicated.

Balance between work and home.

I need to have balance in my life. If work takes too much energy other parts of my life will get effected. It is easy to say;

find the thing you love to do and do that

In reality might be different, we are stuck in modern slavery, mortgages and obligations. So if that is what is draining your energy try to get out. I am still on my 10 year plan to owe nothing. I found out that my freedom was having less obligations. It is not going to happen over night and I accept it.

Clutter in your home?

When you are in your home it is supposed to be a snactuary. A place of rest. If the home is draining us of energy then what? Clutter, drains you of energy. Give things away that you have not used for two years. The spring is perfect time for cleaning.  If you have not used it for two years you don´t need it!

When I bought my house, we used a lot of time and a Feng Shui guidance to rearrange the kitchen. The energy flow was a bit off when we bought the house. But after learning about Feng Shui and seeing in action how that helped with the energy in our  house. I was amazed. I saw this great post from a Feng Shui expert with good advice for the kitchen spring cleaning and I wanted to share it with you.

The study of energy flow is vital when it comes to well-being.

The key is balance and harmony

Balance scale

My health and well being consist of the people I surround myself with, my home, my work (school), the food I eat  and the rest I get. If I deprive myself of rest and sleep . My work is going to be sloppy. If I eat unhealthy it affects my well being and sometimes my sleep (if I eat late). It is like a balance scale. overload one side and it is stealing from the other.


Mental and physical health hand in hand

We often think of being healthy is ; if our body is in shape. We picture a slim, muscular body. But…what if our mental health is in a bad shape? Are we still healthy?

Institute of Mental Health 7, Nov 06

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If we look into eastern philosophy the mind and the body need to be in harmony. There are writings about the balance between the elements; Earth, water, wood, metal and fire. And if one is too strong it would be  on the account of another. For example Wood burns fire. That means the fire is eating up the wood element. And water puts out fire. Water can cool the fire. All in order to get balance.

Balance is the ultimate goal.  This  ancient philosophy  is too complicated to explain in short. We talk about the life energy. We refer to  it, we feel energetic or we feel that we don´t have any energy. That is the Qi energy we feel.

Reflexology and acupuncture work with these elements. I have adressed these before and  the benefits of these treatments in my post on candida.

The feelings of anger and resentment  in the eastern philosophy  occupies the liver. Alcoholics are often resentful, excessive drinking harms the liver. That is probably the most obvious relationship. Working with resolving old resentments, however we do it benefits the liver. The liver is one of the most important organs in our body. The liver cleanses the blood. The most beneficial thing we can do for the liver is , not eating heavy meals after 18:00 in the evening. That way the liver will not be working on our food at it´s prime time between 23-03 and it can do what it is designed to do. That is;  clean our blood and keep us healthy. There is a direct connection between the eyes and the liver. Colorations in the eyes could indicate the liver is not  happy.

I found it helpful to boost the liver with a chinese remedy called ;  the free and easy wanderer. It is beneficial to promote liver Qi and for me this was essential because of my stressful living the kidneys had been tapping the liver and draining it of qi energy.(1)

In short listen to your body, hear the messages. When I started listening I could make beneficial choices for me.

If the liver is happy, so are you.


I have a book that I use frequently when I want some nutritional answers. The book is healing with  whole foods, written by Paul Pitchford. There I have learned about Candida overgrowth and what varieties there are in the condition of those suffering from  Candida and what to do.

There is no solution that fits all. Each and every one has to recognize their condition and act accordingly.So if you see someone who is promoting a magic

Cover of "Healing With Whole Foods: Asian...

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solution remember that there is no such thing. If you have constant craving for sugar like I did and you are tired all the time the reason might be candida overgrowth. But it might be something else, that is why we the responsible adults that we are, we need to educate ourselves and act accordingly. I have also found that for me both acupuncture and reflexology are helpful dealing with digestive problems and imbalances.