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The sweet sprincle of toxins

Are we deliberately being poisoned?

When thinking about toxins in food, we commonly connect it with pesticides used in the production. But mother nature is not perfect so we have to manipulate her and then we get the  GMO foods. When the food is processed we add chemicals  like Aspartame or MSG to make things taste better. Then we wrap the whole thing in BPA , the plastic chemical Bispenol A used in food packaging. Hungry?

Who is protecting the general public?

We wonder what happened and why people are getting sick? But none of these chemicals or additives are illegal. Lobbyists ensure that they will not be banned in the near future. With a big smile people making the decisions are poisoning their fellow-men in name of what? Money? So the 1% can gain more profit and the rest has to pay with their health?

The regulation comes from us, the people. We can not count on the regulators. That is why we have to be responsible and ask questions. Avoid foods that are conterminated. We need to educate ourselves and make the choices that we can live with, a healthy life.

FDA rules on continuing to allow BPA in food packaging.

Why is  Bispenol-A or  BPA not banned? FDA decided to let the show go on.     FDA decided not ban the use of BPA in food packaging.  That is amazing in light of the numerous research that show that BPA , is contributing to cancer, cardiovascular disease and probably best known cause of damage to the reproductive system especially in men. Here is more on the subject.

In the Video the research of Frederic Vam Saal is mentioned, his studies that low dosage of BPA has health risks. Especially concerning the reproductive system.

Bon appetit??


To be or not to be sugar..

When I was changing my diet I had to follow basic rules. No food or drinks that had any sweeteners in them were allowed,  no matter what the name was. Aspartame was the one most likely to be in all sorts of foods. The other thing was if there were two or more unrecognizable ingredients in the product I could not eat that.

My primary source of nutrition had to be real food. The food industry is an industry that I believe has not so much do with food rather more to do with food processing and industry. My nutrition therapist explained to me that the body had no idea what to do with the foreign object as the artificial sweetener, and would try to store it in the strangest places. The result would be muscular and joint pain.