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All achievement should be celebrated

Great achievement should be selebated

I have my personal achievement barometer, I like the messages that pop up from WordPress. They are encouraging and push me to keep at it! Today I celebrate my 100th post. That scored high on my personal achievement barometer yay!!!


When the going gets tough

The tough gets going

I was having second thoughts about my blog mission, last week and this morning I was not in the mood to go on. Then I got a post from WordPress saying that I am allowed to have advertising on my blog. I am trying to live off my writing and a little income from my blog will help. So by noon the day was already brighter.

Then Genie Speaks nominated me to  «One Lovely Blog Award» She said inspirational things about my blog that were encouraging  to me. So during the day the course changed. I got a clear sign from the universe. Keep going.

Thank you universe I really appreciate your instant messages and answers.

These are the guidelines: for «One Lovely Blog Award»

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post ; Thank you Genie for thinking of  me and for the inspiration!

Share 7 things about yourself ;

1. My interests might be considered schizophrenic, as you can see from the blog nominations. I am interested in health, nourishment, global issues, fashion, design, art, being outdoors and I can go on….

2. When I met my husband we bought a run down fish factory together after four months in a relationship.

3 . Twelve years ago  I was a single mother with three kids, I had told myself that I would never meet anyone crazy enough to take on the whole package, I was wrong.

4. I speak norwegian with a Oslo accent

5. I curse terribly in Norwegian, somewhat in Icelandic, I have probably the best manners  when speaking english.

6. My grandfather who lived to be 103 years old came from Faroe islands

7. I am moving from the USA in June my VISA expires on June 12th I have a flight the day before. I get to see my favorite artists in MOMA before I leave. There is a great photographic exhibition featuring Man Ray and Ed Ruscha. The artists I did my independent study on this spring.

Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire ;



3.French Twisted woman

4.Supplement Spot

5.M.I.S Miranda´s Inside scoop

6.Sweatpants and eggplants


8.Influence versus control

9.Anne Sture Tucker

10.Dudette Here!

11.A Charmed yogi

12.In pursuit of more



15.Arianna´s  random thoughts

Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know.

More gifts coming my way!

I´ve got a flower theme going on!

I got nominated again! This time to the sunshine awards! This is what A Charmed Yogi had to say; Holistic Me – «From nutrition to women’s health to self-esteem, she writes from the heart», thank you, that is very much appreciated.

The Official Rules of the Sunshine Award:


• Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
• Answer 10 questions about yourself.
• Nominate 10 other fabulous bloggers.
• Link your nominees to this post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.
• Share the love and link the person who nominated you.


The 10 Questions:

1. Favorite color?

Deep green, bottle green

2. Favorite animal?

Fidel, my eleven year old labrador, here depicted resting.

3. Favorite number?

8, because it represents infinity

4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink?


5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter?


Česky: Logo Facebooku English: Facebook logo E...

6. My passion?

There are many things I am passionate about, but they all involve a beautiful way of living. Food, art and people.

holistic approach

7. Prefer getting or giving presents?

Better at giving working on the receiving part.

8. Favorite pattern?

waves of the sea

9. Favorite day of the week?

sunday, rest and the anticipation of the week to come, long lazy breakfast

10.Favorite flower?

Freesia, the scent is divine

Who I nominate:

1. 400 days ´til 40, reflection on life and counting down to 40th birthday

2. A detailed house, beautiful interior, rich pictures

3. Dudette here! on vegetarian food and holistic living with a sprinkle of humor.

On the search for inspiration, inspirational blog

5..Silentlyheardonce, poetry and thoughts on life

6.Joypassiondesire, Things in life to enjoy and be passionate about

7. Think wonderfulthoughts on Law of attraction and much, much more!

8. Rose (Radient, Open, Strong, Energy) A blog for your inner goddess, love the whole idea!

9. Byzantine flowers, abundance of holistic information!

Thanks again, A Charmed Yogi!

What is beauty ?

Delicate flowers and fire hydrants!

In light of yesterday´s thoughts on pressure from the marketing industry. I wanted to capture beauty today. I set out to take pictures of beautiful things that I would find on my walk home. I was going to capture all the beauty. And I did. What I did not know, was that I was unconsciously working towards a metaphor for woman’s development as opposed to man´s. It was by accident! I first saw it when I uploaded the pictures. Then it jumped right at me. And yes I had a big laugh!

So who is the little delicate yellow flower? The girl, she is perfect radiant and confident. But the weeds are lurking all around her. But if she is nurtured she will blossom.

She will become this beautiful rich pink bundle of joy! But the road might be bumpy. And she might get disappointed, let down, abandoned, hurt.

If she does not get the nourishment she needs, she will die. Not literally, she might be dead inside. It does not have to mean that it is the end. She might surprise herself and rise. When you least expect it!

She blooms! But be aware she has experience if you are not careful she comes to her defence with her thorns! You are better having her as a friend and a companion.

This one is old age, she is vice, strong and has seen it all. She has earned the right to have an attitude. She is beautiful. Wrinkles,  stretch marks  and gray hair. She has got it all. And bears it proud. But you don´t want to mess with her!

This is the flower within all women. It should be let alone till she is ready to reveal it. It should never be forced. When she is ready she will welcome you. It is the most delicate of all flowers. Be gentle. Treat it with respect and admiration!

Part two, the fire hydrant, not very poetic

It might be because men are simple creatures.

The freshly painted overly eager. Has lack of control and does not know what he is doing.

This one has learned his lessons, the danger is that he gets in the shadow of his family and children. Please bring him into the sunlight and keep him there he´s not fond of the shadow.

In balance with his surroundings. Experienced. Has enough energy where energy is needed. Loyal, standing strong, your best friend.

Did I go overboard?

I had a good laugh and I remembered something.  I sat in a lecture on leadership once. The lecturer was telling us about our subconsciousness. She described our subconscious like an elephant. The elephant knows where we are headed. But the trouble is we are always trying to control the elephant. But the elephant is beyond control.

This photo session of  mine was a reminder to me.

The elephant knows!

Let go and go with the flow, the elephant will lead the way!

I´m blushing..another award!

Second award!

Dudette here! nominated me to the creative blogger award , and I am truly thankful! This is what she wrote;

Holistic me: an absolutely beautiful blog with a holistic approach toward health and well-being, superb information and very inspirational,

Aww thank you!. I really appreciate the award, it is like a vitamin boost.

The Kreativ Blogger Award works in a similar way to a chain mail, in that if you are nominated, you then nominate seven other blogs for the award in order to accept.

To those I nominate (and for everyone else), here are the rules:

  • Thank the nominating blogger and provide a link to that blog
  • Spread the love by nominating seven other bloggers, including their links
  • Tell your readers seven things they may not already know about you

So, here are seven things about me:

  1. I am currently writing my first play
  2. I want to celebrate my 50th birthday walking the pilgrim road to Santiago de Compostela.
  3. I love skiing
  4. I had a very brief model career, including cover photo and runway appearance in bikini after I already was mother of three.
  5. My favorite instrument is the trumpet.
    Maria Callas in my favorite singer and favorite diva
  6. I finished my first novel in November and I´m rewriting it
  7. I am a red cross volunteer

And my nominees for the Kreativ Blogger Award are (in no particular order!):

1 Influence versus control inspirational blog that puts things in perspective.

2. Along the Tao, spiritual blog.

3 .K.abc Food and photography, need I say more?

4. Anne Sture Tucker, blog on holistic approach.

5 .Subhan Zein Beautiful stories of life.

6 Tip Interior, tips and trend on interior design, rich with beautiful photos

7 Looking to the sky, spiritual and inspirational blog

Thank you again, Dudette for remembering me!, and for the nomination!!!

The beauty of recognition by peers

Thank you Anne for nominating me to the Versatile Blogger Award!

Until this morning I had never heard of Anne Sture Tucker , but now she is my favorite person in the world! She nominated me , the Versatile blogger award. I am celebrating like I got an Oscar! For me the idea that someone likes what I write is huge. To top it I met my neighbor (I was strolling ,but she was running) She took the time to tell me that she reads my blog and connects with what I am writing.


Ok, so what is the versatile Blogger Award?

The rules of this award are as follows:

In a post on your blog, nominate 7 fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award.
In the same post, add the Versatile Blogger Award.
In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.
In the same post, share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.
In the same post, include this set of rules.
Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs.

In a post on your blog, nominate 7 fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award, here are my nominations;

1.To your health


3.A Charmed Yogi


5.In pursuit of more

my new roots

7.Ranjt Singh 

In the same post, share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself;

1.I have crossed the arctic circle on cross-country skis, when I participated in the Arctic Circle race 1997. The race is 160km I did not finish I was «rushed» to the hospital,in a dog sledge, with bleeding wound on both my heels after 120 km.

2.After my masters in Business administration the logical path was to study Reflexology.

3.I helped the singer  Morten Harket prepare a meatloaf penis for his fellow Aha member Magne Furuholmen´s batchelorparty. Harket would probably not remember but I was starstruck like the rest of the staff at Geysir in Keysersagate Oslo.

4.The most expensive cup of espresso I ever had, was on the Great wall of china

5.I  tried to read Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy for three years, then I gave up.

6.I love foreign films, Scandinavian films are a special favorite, my absolute favorite is «Tilsammans» by the Swedish director Lucas Moodysson.

7.When I travel you will find me in a bookstore, I have a problem with Art books. I buy too many.  The worst thing is my husband is not any better. Our challenge is  what to do with all the Art books we have.

The little voice in my head started when I was writing this, how important is it to get this award? Is it a real award? Well for one it is a peer award, that is valuable. It gives me the opportunity to nominate others and make them think about it. I am going to have a special column labelled AWARDS and put the Versatile blogger award logo there and be proud of the nomination and thankful to Anne to think of me.

I am thankful and I am glad to get the peer recognition!