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Sick and tired of being sick and tired

As I said the purpose of the blog is to share my experience. Twelve years or so ago I was stressed out, and tired all the time. I was struggling in my life.

A friend suggested that I would see a nutrition specialist to see if that could help. I went there and the woman who I was talking to asked me all sorts of questions about my habits and lifestyle. What she was doing was mapping my health. What came out of it was that my body was struggling with amongst other a candida imbalance. One of the symptoms was what I call a brain fog. Because that is what it felt like.

The solution was a very harsh diet for six months. No sugar, not even fructose, that meant no fruits. And no other refined foods or white flour. I had to go home and clean out my kitchen. I had a strict dietary plan and she gave me a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide to help with the cleansing.

She told me to continue what I had started with my dentist. That is replacing my amalgam fillings. Along with the fillings in my mouth the candida condition was causing my exhaustion. This dietary change and staying off a long list of things including coffee was really hard. But it paid off.