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The trust issue

I don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful.
Marilyn Monroe

Cropped screenshot of Marilyn Monroe from the ...

I wish I could just relax and live by the wisdom of wonderful Marilyn. But I am preoccupied with trust.

Not trusting people but having faith in  life. Having  faith that everything is going to be just fine. I am in a limbo. I just finished the school year. I´ve been an exchange student in the USA since August last year. Now I am preparing to go back home to Iceland.

My daughter finishes her school next week and then we can leave. When I come home I have no job, neither does my husband. We have a place to stay. But there is no economic security. And the task ahead is to trust that everything will be fine. That I vill get some job for the summer. That we will be able to support ourselves.  I could worry. But I have learned that worrying in advance is not getting me any closer to my goals.

So what is left then? 

To let go, and TRUST life

To have faith in life, everything will be fine!


This needs our attention!

What is beauty ?

Delicate flowers and fire hydrants!

In light of yesterday´s thoughts on pressure from the marketing industry. I wanted to capture beauty today. I set out to take pictures of beautiful things that I would find on my walk home. I was going to capture all the beauty. And I did. What I did not know, was that I was unconsciously working towards a metaphor for woman’s development as opposed to man´s. It was by accident! I first saw it when I uploaded the pictures. Then it jumped right at me. And yes I had a big laugh!

So who is the little delicate yellow flower? The girl, she is perfect radiant and confident. But the weeds are lurking all around her. But if she is nurtured she will blossom.

She will become this beautiful rich pink bundle of joy! But the road might be bumpy. And she might get disappointed, let down, abandoned, hurt.

If she does not get the nourishment she needs, she will die. Not literally, she might be dead inside. It does not have to mean that it is the end. She might surprise herself and rise. When you least expect it!

She blooms! But be aware she has experience if you are not careful she comes to her defence with her thorns! You are better having her as a friend and a companion.

This one is old age, she is vice, strong and has seen it all. She has earned the right to have an attitude. She is beautiful. Wrinkles,  stretch marks  and gray hair. She has got it all. And bears it proud. But you don´t want to mess with her!

This is the flower within all women. It should be let alone till she is ready to reveal it. It should never be forced. When she is ready she will welcome you. It is the most delicate of all flowers. Be gentle. Treat it with respect and admiration!

Part two, the fire hydrant, not very poetic

It might be because men are simple creatures.

The freshly painted overly eager. Has lack of control and does not know what he is doing.

This one has learned his lessons, the danger is that he gets in the shadow of his family and children. Please bring him into the sunlight and keep him there he´s not fond of the shadow.

In balance with his surroundings. Experienced. Has enough energy where energy is needed. Loyal, standing strong, your best friend.

Did I go overboard?

I had a good laugh and I remembered something.  I sat in a lecture on leadership once. The lecturer was telling us about our subconsciousness. She described our subconscious like an elephant. The elephant knows where we are headed. But the trouble is we are always trying to control the elephant. But the elephant is beyond control.

This photo session of  mine was a reminder to me.

The elephant knows!

Let go and go with the flow, the elephant will lead the way!

Things to be tankful for today

The day did not start out that well, no crisis though

I had a small adventure yesterday, not a pleasant one. It started with a call to the landlord, the landlord called the plumber, the plumber pressed the wrong button and voila, our apartment smelled literally like s**t!

Lesson one;Don´t panic there is nothing you can do anyway

I was thankful I was not there, my husband called and told me about it and what did I do? Nothing ,for the time being I decided that I was going to wait till they had finished cleaning it up and then I would check the damage. I was not going to change a thing because the damage was already done.

Lesson two; relax and enjoy what life has to offer.

I was headed home when I found out that I had forgotten my house keys. Was I going to rush to my daughter’s classroom and get her keys and the rush to pick her up an hour later? I decided to sit in the sun and read. I grabbed a bite of sushi and green tea. Later I walked to pick up my daughter  at school. I did not bring her any snack´s like I´m used too, but she was really happy about the sushi, I had saved her 5 pieces. On the way home I told her about the plumbing disaster and warned her that I had no idea what to expect.

Lesson three: When needed pull up your sleeves!

We got home, the plumber had cleaned up all right but the smell was still hanging there. There was nothing else to do but take a long session with soap, water and cleaning tools. And let the air in! So I did with help from my nine-year old that did more than her fair share. Some things were beyond saving and the trash filled up . Other things had two-three spins in the washing machine and came out as good as new.

Why am I thankful today?

The question I have is why did it have to happen now? We got house guests last night. My husband had to pick them up at the airport. By the time they were here the smell was gone. Our wonderful landlord had lent us the empty apartment next door to house our guests and my daughter and I had cleaned there too . But I am actually glad it did because it would have been worse if it happened after they arrived. At least now I had the chance of making the place decent before hand. Their flight was delayed  and that gave me extra two hours.

So all in all even though I´m a little tired now, everything is in order. The house guests got a good night sleep. And I managed to safe face this morning rushing my daughter to school and paying for the class photos 15 minutes prior to the photo shoot. (I´m not alway´s the best organized mom)

All in all I am thankful and happy:-)

So I am happy writing final papers at my office. My office is the local coffee shop that makes me  a perfect cup of espresso. The sun is shining, what else can a woman ask for?

The adult time

It may sound like I am writing about something dirty. But no , nothing like it.

Spring brake is almost over. Life will be back to normal on Monday. It is like this every vacation. My «grown up time» shrinks along with the fragility of my mental health. When I  had three kids in the house I discovered that if I did not get at least two hours , before I went to bed.,As a «ME» time. I was going to be drained the day after. I needed this time desperately to gather my self and recharge. And every time there is a change in the program. The routines got messed up. I think the expectations of parenting are that we are super happy and patient all the time. It is however not realistic. If a parent puts himself/herself always in the second place it is going to catch up eventually.I was confronted by a nurse once, she reminded me why it is made especially clear in the safety routines of an airplane, that adults travelling with children put the oxygen mask on first and then assist the children.

It is a good metaphor for parenting, if we are not in shape we are not going to be there for our children either.