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The RAW post that became something else

My look on RAW

It´s funny , this post was supposed to be about RAW food. I´m not into that, but I have tried some RAW food and liked it. I thought RAW was a new fad but I was reading about some guy that discovered this when he was twenty, and he looked at least sixty so according to him the RAW movement had been around for over thirty years.

In the same magazine there was this article about Brothers that were Crazy, Sexy and RAW. Well after reading a little about the RAW food. I found this much more interesting; RAW cosmetics!

Why? Well this video explains why, this is where Story of Stuff  teams up with the campaign for safe cosmetics  and tells us the truth about our cosmetics.

So,  now you probably understand why I got thrown off by the RAW cosmetics. I had newer heard of the concept before , and I found it fascinating.


Americas Fat Future

Does the future have to be like America´s Fat Future presents, or can we do something about it?

If you think organic food is expensive, just think of it as money saved in medical expenses later in life. When I started to buy more organic and more healthy food I had to adjust to the price tag. But I know that I am investing in me, for a more movable fun me,  in the future. The poster below is loaded with facts about preventable deaths. That is why we should care.

Medical Coding Career Guide
Created by: MedicalCodingCareerGuide.com» title=»Americas Fat Future»>Americas Fat Future

How do we read and understand nutritional information

This is a video from the Khan Academy. It shows how data can be read in  various way´s. If we read it in one way we get one outcome and if we read it differently we get another outcome.

It is a simple post from web-md, used  as an example of the difference between correlation and causality.

So it is no wonder that we get lost sometimes with all the health information. That is why we have to make it matter to us. Take a stand when it comes to our health. We can not take everything we read as the one and only truth. We have to evaluate where it comes from, what the original data is.

(and often we actually have to know sometimes who paid for the research to validate the outcome)

It sure is a jungle out there!

Dr.Vandana Shiva

Dr.Vandana Shiva has fought for the health of seeds. She has educated the world on how GMO  food is made. As I understand it the corn is taken and combined with pesticide and then grown. Lab rats suffer kidney and liver failure for eating these foods. What does it then do to us ?

What does GM do to our health? We have no idea. We eat vegetables and fruit in  good faith. We think they are good nutrition. But what has been pointed out is that if they are not grown organically or non GMO what do we have?

I got this list sent from a friend; It makes sence. Try the difference in celery for instance.  The organic ones are tasty and smell rich. The beauty  of celery is that it can help balance water in the body and is helpful with sugar cravings.

Again I have to refer to Michael Pollan and his food rules. If it does not rot eventually it is not food!

I am fascinated by Dr. Vandana Shiva and her spirit. She is one of my heroes.

Be tankful for the food

I stopped cursing the food I was about to eat some years ago. I thought that it could not be good for me to associate  food with bad energy before consumption.

I make conscious choices about what I eat and when. I know that if I drink more than one glass of vine I will  notice it in my joints the next day. If I´m not careful with what I eat I get all the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

Institute of Mental Health 4, Nov 06

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If I neglect drinking enough water, I will get headache. If I drink too much coffee I will get headache and become anxious. If I eat sugar or food with some unexplainable ingredients I am likely to get headache and sometimes my skin itches. If I eat a heavy meal late in the evening, I will sleep restlessly and probably wake up tired

If I deprive myself of sleep or overwork, the muscle pain and spasms are back.

What I do now, I make a choice.  And I think that we as adults should do that when it comes to food. We must take responsibility for our own health, by knowing our limitations and respecting the messages that our body is sending. I  hardly listened to my body when it was telling me when I was tired or when it  was asking me,  please eat!

My sister pointed out to me that overweight people tend to smear the food with guilt and then swallow. It can´t be good. If we are going to eat something enjoy it!

My problem has not been overweight. It is the other way around. The healthier I eat, the easier it is for me to stay at my optional health. If I start eating junk I will get thin. All I want is to be healthy. I do not have a scale in the house because it makes me nervous. My measurement is my physical and mental health. If either  is thrown off I have to do something.

I am the adult in this relationship with my body and I need to be responsible.

My body , my choices.

Slow down and chew.

Cover of "Food Rules: An Eater's Manual"

Cover of Food Rules: An Eater's Manual

When I was working as a waitress some decades ago (!) The way we got to eat was the eat-and- run approach. If I ate at all it was running. Sometimes sitting down but shoveling the food. Later when working in a store it was the same thing alway´s in a hurry. Sometimes my lunch brake was so late I wasn´t hungry anymore so I just skipped lunch all together. And was craving for candy later…

This made me think of one of Michael Pollan´s  food rules; Don´t eat food at the same place where you tank your car.

Are we really in so much hurry we must stuff our face in the car ?

To eat less, slow down and chew. Food is meant to be enjoyed. Sit down at a table preferably with someone , use fork and knife. And chew the food. The digestion begins in the mouth.

Today I eat slower I avoid situations where there is time pressure for the meal. My body is much happier when I chew.