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Meatless monday?

Do we have to eat meat every day?

I am concerned about the future we have as a race. I worry about the consequences of globalization and global warming. I think it is sad how we have treated our mother. Mother earth. There are some things, little things that we can do to minimize the damage. If we all stopped eating meat. It would help the planet tremendously. But is it realistic?



But what if we just started with one meat meal less pr. week? It would actually make a big difference. Read this article on research on the impact of too much meat being produced globally. Here is part of the articles conclusion;

«The case against eating animal products is ironclad; it’s not a new argument, and it goes way beyond just global warming. Animals will not grow or produce flesh, milk, or eggs without food and water; they won’t do it without producing excrement; and the stages of meat, dairy, and egg production will always cause pollution and be resource-intensive.»

Not to mention the health benefits, save you and save the planet while doing it! Start with meatless monday.

I could´t help throwing in some hard-core message, the Smiths say it their way.