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Goals for July

I am defeated..NOT!! But maybe a little deflated (It feels like all the air is out of me right now)

I did not achieve my blog goals for June, but I am setting new ones for July anyway. I have moved from Manhattan,  Kansas in the US to Kopavogur Iceland this June so I can say that I have some excuse. Mainly what happened was that I stopped blogging every day. My motivation has not come back full force. I am adjusting to a new reality and now I have to get my routine back. The challenge is one post a day in July.

My June goals were;

100 viewers pr. day

3000 viewers pr. month


My results for June 2012  are

27 readers pr. day, 821 readers pr. month and 812 followers(the only goal I achieved)

which means that I have to start from scratch. At least set more realistic goals while I get back on track.

Then on the positive note!

Still, I got 821 readers in June, thank you for the likes, visits and comments. It is a good and positive experience to be here with you all! And I got a Versatile blogger nomination! So all in all it was a good month. Lots to be thankful for. Thank you!

July goals

50 viewers pr. day

1550 viewers pr. month



My kidneys are smiling

Can you picture that? A smiling pair of kidneys?

That is what it feels like. I am blessed with a family unit that sometimes just leaves me alone. My husband took our ten-year old to see friends yesterday. That gave me space to gather all the things that I need sorted out before I leave, in less than a week. When things pile up , my stress level goes up and my kidneys start complaining. It feels like lover back pain but I have gotten to know my kidneys quite well through my journey and I listen. I want them to be smiling.

My daughter spent the night at a friend’s house  and now  my husband  is off on his motorcycle so I have a second day in my own quiet universe. Today I have had coffee made by  my favorite barista Alex. I rewrote two pages of my novel. Then I went  to a second-hand bookstore and found a book I ´ve been waiting to see, I was surprised it was already in the second-hand store. It is «Advanced style» by Ari Seth Cohen. Here is a video clip of the lady´s in the book. They are just lovely. 

I know I should not buy more books! We have started to pack our things, we got a price for the move back to Iceland and it is EXPENSIVE! So we are trying to shrink what needs to come with us. But I could not resist.

People find us odd

Sometimes people find it odd that we are not glued together alway´s. My husband loves his motorcycle and takes frequent trips. I love to relax or maybe just take my girls on a small trip. Who says the family unit does have to be glued together at all times?

Extrovert vs. Introvert

I am an introvert and I recharge when I am alone. My husband is an extrovert and he recharges when he is with other people. That is why we like , not to be together always.  If I were to be on his schedule all the time I would soon burn out. As he gets older he can sometimes dwell in my quiet world for a moment reading. But that lasts for a brief moment and off he is!

I want to leave you with a thought on introverts, by Susan Cain

Have a good weekend!

When educators understand their purpose

A heartwarming story from Reykjavik

This is the nest of Ravens Huginn and Harpa they used the easter vacation to build their  nest under the roof of an elementary school, in the center of Reykjavik Iceland. That is perhaps not such a big deal. But, the very loud school bell is right under the nest.

When teachers and children returned to their posts after easter.The principal decided to detach the electric school bell, in order not to disturb ,the Raven couple. He decided to bring out the bell from 1930 in order to replace the electric one. This is an old hand-held bell, and a treasure of the past. The children now enjoy the encounter of the old bell instead of the loud electrical one. By doing this the principal is making the most of his role as an educator. He is respecting the life of other creatures. He is setting an outstanding example for his students. He has given the students a great opportunity to first hand follow the pair of Ravens build a home for their young and the kids absorb everything about the birds. I think this is such a lovely story and I wanted to share with you. Because the role of an educator , when used wisely can lead to so much good. This is such a beautiful opportunity the principal has used to better the world.