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The trust issue

I don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful.
Marilyn Monroe

Cropped screenshot of Marilyn Monroe from the ...

I wish I could just relax and live by the wisdom of wonderful Marilyn. But I am preoccupied with trust.

Not trusting people but having faith in  life. Having  faith that everything is going to be just fine. I am in a limbo. I just finished the school year. I´ve been an exchange student in the USA since August last year. Now I am preparing to go back home to Iceland.

My daughter finishes her school next week and then we can leave. When I come home I have no job, neither does my husband. We have a place to stay. But there is no economic security. And the task ahead is to trust that everything will be fine. That I vill get some job for the summer. That we will be able to support ourselves.  I could worry. But I have learned that worrying in advance is not getting me any closer to my goals.

So what is left then? 

To let go, and TRUST life

To have faith in life, everything will be fine!


It is about the journey

Life is a journey not a destination.


I read this inspiring article about the journey and I wanted to share it.

It does not matter what the goal is. If the path there is no fun why bother?

I have goals, all sorts of goals in my life, they are concerning education and some are health related. I have a picture of how I want to spend my old age. But often I stray from the plans because with an open mind something more suitable comes along. Have you ever heard the saying;

When the student is ready the teacher appears

This is one of my favorites because I have been blessed with many lessons from my teachers. And when I am in the middle of it I sometimes have no idea where things are going. 1987 a friend gave me a book by Dr.Wayne W Dyer. It was about self-love, I read it.

I found it last year and read it again. Then I finally understood it. When I was twenty, the words had not the same meaning as they did after I had abandoned and neglected myself. I understood it because finally I was living the message and was going back to being lovable to me.


Denial is…

Denial is not a river in Egypt.