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I can be lazy and I´m proud of it!

I was inspired by reading this post called the art of doing nothing.

I am not an official recovering workaholic, I mean I have never gone to a twelve step meeting to deal with it ,but yes I am.

I was a workaholic I just dealt with the emptiness in a different twelve step program.

I have four kids , when I was at work I worried about them. When I was at home I  was thinking about work. I was in neither place. When I had the day off I had hard time relaxing without feeling shameful. When I tried to relax I found my self thinking that I should do something. At least clean the house! It is difficult to wind down when,you are  like me in such a  spiral that It was like I  was about to get launched from the planet like a rocket.

When I collapsed I finally learned   to relax. Now I sleep in couple of times  a week. At least I sleep long enough to wake up by myself (no alarm). If I am tired I lay down and get some rest.I have learned to listen to my body.

I am working on saying no. I had some relapse last year when I had 130% studies, 50-70% work and was stupid enough to say yes  to be a chairman of small association. The icing on the cake was investing  in a company that was not exactly something I was interested in, just to add things that I did not have time for.

Time that I stole from myself and my family. It goes without saying that none of this would have been possible if I was not blessed with wonderful people around me to help me.

I finally managed to get out, and since August last year I have been working on my own things. Writing,  which is my passion. And I have been studying Art history, which I find fascinating. I have been in a sort of protected environment.

Now I am moving back home and I wonder. Am I strong enough? When people ask me to do things I am not interested in. Will I be persistent enough to say no and belive in the things I am doing on my own?

Well that is my task of the day´s and weeks to come

1. Say no to things that others want me to do if  I´m not interested.

2. Relax, and practice being there. To be in the now at all times Eckart Tolle style.

3.Believe in me, no matter what others say.

4. Stick to my plan, it is a good one and it will come true, if I don´t abandon it.

5.Be active in my coda program so that I won´t fall back into bad habits

 cartoon, taken from Frazzled mommy blog.


Life is simple

Is life simpler than we think?

Would we, that belong to  the generation of pill for every ill, believe a doctor that would give this reply. Actually I don´t think so.

But this little cartoon is head on we have little or no idea how much stress is depriving our body´s of the rest and ease of mind it needs.

But the good news is it has not to be like this, we have a choice. I just realized recently that I have limited time. So I better use it for good including taking good care of the body that I got . I have the responsibility to treat it with respect.

Happy Saturday!

Today´s theme, stress

I´m in the midst of final exams and stress is an issue, I try to avoid it but it creeps up on me. But I got messages from two different directions one on stress from Living the balanced life  and the other one on what do about it , from Hands of faith holistic healing centers.

Bernice that writes about stress in the Living the balanced life stress article, she also writes about The stressed mom.

Hands-of-Faith Holistic Healing Centers® Blog

In today’s world, we all have countless demands on our time and energy. Obligations from work, education, family, church, and countless other outside factors all pile up and lead to never-ending stress.

This burden of stress creates imbalances in our bodies which manifest themselves in different ways. Acne breakouts, digestive irregularity, aches and pains, tension headaches, and insomnia are just a few signs that your body may be overwhelmed by the demands on your physical, mental, and emotional energy.

If you sense that you are overworked and overtired, here are a few tips on how to manage the physical signs of excess pressure so that you can return to your busy life refreshed and prepared to handle whatever comes your way.

First of all, the key to unraveling stress of any kind lies in one thing that too few of do: take time for ourselves. Whether…

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Facing the fear of not being worthy.

I am a sucker for good storytellers. It does not ruin the experience if they are smart and gifted too. Brené Brown is one of these gems that has shared her research on TED. She is spot on how the people who have;

1. Sence of courage to be imperfect


2.Embrace vulnerability

Are the ones that believe they are worthy. This is the opposite of  a codependent like me. I believed that I was not worthy untill I learned that I was,  by taking the steps of the  CODA  program. But I was damn good faking it.  I had to take down the mask and face my fears. I entered a really hard masters program. Many of the people there were professionals. What I saw watching them is that they admitted their mistakes, they laughed at their failures. I had tried really hard to keep face. Not show my weaknesses. How on earth could I do all the things that I was doing if I was going to be emotional?

But there comes a time we have to give up. Embrace the little boy´s and girls inside us. Abandoned, neglected, hurt. And let them be what they are. With positive traits and the negative as well. I have learned that my character defects were my defense mechanisms. I was not ready to face them until my child was really ill. I was willing to let go of my codependence because if I was going to be of any use to my son, I could not be codependent. It was not an option. But that was how far I was willing to go. I could easily have died . Repressing my feelings and overwork until I fell down . I was beginning to feel the serious effect that stress has on the body. Emotional stress and work related stress. I was doing too many things. If my son had not got seriously ill. I would probably have worked myself to death. (In the end) My husband had tried to get me to do something about my codependence since we met. But no! I had to wait and  watch myself get eaten up from inside until the call came from the hospital. Only then I could rise up as the lioness protecting her young. I was willing to be healthy for my son. That is why I thank for his substance abuse. It helped me get onto the path of recovery.

I am worthy, and I am blessed.