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Sugar is the white death

This is a statement from Cancer Truth:

Sugar is *NOT* your friend. It may feel like your friend when it comforts you (due to the beta-endorphin rush in your brain), but sugar is actually your enemy. Truth be told, regular consumption of sugary foods is one of the worst things that you can do to your health.

Here you can read the whole » Sugar is the white death» article on cancer truth.

One of my favorite scientists Dr. Robert H. Lustig is participating in these educational videos from the University of California

Dr. Lustig has also been on 60 minutes talking about his research. It is inspirational to hear him talk against the food industry. He is stepping on many toes. My prediction is that there will be  a massive kickback from those who have no sense of social responsibility  and poison their fellow-men guilt free.

The first video I saw by Dr. Lustig is one hour and twenty-nine minutes. It is mind-blowing. He is turning everything we have believed about calorie intake before upside down.

So why do I think this is a big deal? Sugar is a drug. Why do I say that? I have been a drug addict and my drug of choice was sugar.The «problem» is that I did not gain weight. That sounds delightful doesn´t it?  You know what?  My body doesn´t  think so. Thanks to an excellent dentist the consequences can not be seen. The damage to my digestive system is something I have to pay attention to every day. Sugar overconsumption is not  friendly to the body, not even if you don´t gain weight..

But all in all I am thankful for the lesson. I have only one life. I have to try to live it in harmony with my body and my surroundings.

I put all three videos under «videos» if you want to safe them for later.


Americas Fat Future

Does the future have to be like America´s Fat Future presents, or can we do something about it?

If you think organic food is expensive, just think of it as money saved in medical expenses later in life. When I started to buy more organic and more healthy food I had to adjust to the price tag. But I know that I am investing in me, for a more movable fun me,  in the future. The poster below is loaded with facts about preventable deaths. That is why we should care.

Medical Coding Career Guide
Created by: MedicalCodingCareerGuide.com» title=»Americas Fat Future»>Americas Fat Future

How do we read and understand nutritional information

This is a video from the Khan Academy. It shows how data can be read in  various way´s. If we read it in one way we get one outcome and if we read it differently we get another outcome.

It is a simple post from web-md, used  as an example of the difference between correlation and causality.

So it is no wonder that we get lost sometimes with all the health information. That is why we have to make it matter to us. Take a stand when it comes to our health. We can not take everything we read as the one and only truth. We have to evaluate where it comes from, what the original data is.

(and often we actually have to know sometimes who paid for the research to validate the outcome)

It sure is a jungle out there!

To be or not to be sugar..

When I was changing my diet I had to follow basic rules. No food or drinks that had any sweeteners in them were allowed,  no matter what the name was. Aspartame was the one most likely to be in all sorts of foods. The other thing was if there were two or more unrecognizable ingredients in the product I could not eat that.

My primary source of nutrition had to be real food. The food industry is an industry that I believe has not so much do with food rather more to do with food processing and industry. My nutrition therapist explained to me that the body had no idea what to do with the foreign object as the artificial sweetener, and would try to store it in the strangest places. The result would be muscular and joint pain.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

As I said the purpose of the blog is to share my experience. Twelve years or so ago I was stressed out, and tired all the time. I was struggling in my life.

A friend suggested that I would see a nutrition specialist to see if that could help. I went there and the woman who I was talking to asked me all sorts of questions about my habits and lifestyle. What she was doing was mapping my health. What came out of it was that my body was struggling with amongst other a candida imbalance. One of the symptoms was what I call a brain fog. Because that is what it felt like.

The solution was a very harsh diet for six months. No sugar, not even fructose, that meant no fruits. And no other refined foods or white flour. I had to go home and clean out my kitchen. I had a strict dietary plan and she gave me a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide to help with the cleansing.

She told me to continue what I had started with my dentist. That is replacing my amalgam fillings. Along with the fillings in my mouth the candida condition was causing my exhaustion. This dietary change and staying off a long list of things including coffee was really hard. But it paid off.