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The education on GMO is insufficient in the USA

 I am proud of the Polish  bee farmers  and their accomplishments to agriculture.

Poland is the first country to formally acknowledge the link between Monsanto’s genetically engineered corn and the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) that’s been devastating bees around the world. What that means is that bees have been disappearing. If the bees disappear we are in big trouble because of their important role in pollination. And who has bought the leading research company for CCD? Well you guessed it! Monsanto

I saw this trailer on the film»Queen of the sun«. The film is about the  disappearance of the bees. It is very interesting and frightening at the same time. This is what the Colony Collapse Disorder is about.

What that has to do with GMO? Well,  in America there are no requirements to label GMO foods as you can see in this graph

Most governments are protecting the citizens and requiring labelling of GMO foods. But the general public in America does not even know  what GMO is;

We need the FDA to regulate the GMO foods, so that we have a choice. We need the FDA on the people’s side for once and make labelling of GMO foods mandatory.

Go to www.labelgmo.org to learn more

Here is a video if you have never heard of Monsanto and where they come from. They are originally a chemical company so why are they in food production?


Today´s theme, stress

I´m in the midst of final exams and stress is an issue, I try to avoid it but it creeps up on me. But I got messages from two different directions one on stress from Living the balanced life  and the other one on what do about it , from Hands of faith holistic healing centers.

Bernice that writes about stress in the Living the balanced life stress article, she also writes about The stressed mom.

Hands-of-Faith Holistic Healing Centers® Blog

In today’s world, we all have countless demands on our time and energy. Obligations from work, education, family, church, and countless other outside factors all pile up and lead to never-ending stress.

This burden of stress creates imbalances in our bodies which manifest themselves in different ways. Acne breakouts, digestive irregularity, aches and pains, tension headaches, and insomnia are just a few signs that your body may be overwhelmed by the demands on your physical, mental, and emotional energy.

If you sense that you are overworked and overtired, here are a few tips on how to manage the physical signs of excess pressure so that you can return to your busy life refreshed and prepared to handle whatever comes your way.

First of all, the key to unraveling stress of any kind lies in one thing that too few of do: take time for ourselves. Whether…

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Sugar is the white death

This is a statement from Cancer Truth:

Sugar is *NOT* your friend. It may feel like your friend when it comforts you (due to the beta-endorphin rush in your brain), but sugar is actually your enemy. Truth be told, regular consumption of sugary foods is one of the worst things that you can do to your health.

Here you can read the whole » Sugar is the white death» article on cancer truth.

One of my favorite scientists Dr. Robert H. Lustig is participating in these educational videos from the University of California

Dr. Lustig has also been on 60 minutes talking about his research. It is inspirational to hear him talk against the food industry. He is stepping on many toes. My prediction is that there will be  a massive kickback from those who have no sense of social responsibility  and poison their fellow-men guilt free.

The first video I saw by Dr. Lustig is one hour and twenty-nine minutes. It is mind-blowing. He is turning everything we have believed about calorie intake before upside down.

So why do I think this is a big deal? Sugar is a drug. Why do I say that? I have been a drug addict and my drug of choice was sugar.The «problem» is that I did not gain weight. That sounds delightful doesn´t it?  You know what?  My body doesn´t  think so. Thanks to an excellent dentist the consequences can not be seen. The damage to my digestive system is something I have to pay attention to every day. Sugar overconsumption is not  friendly to the body, not even if you don´t gain weight..

But all in all I am thankful for the lesson. I have only one life. I have to try to live it in harmony with my body and my surroundings.

I put all three videos under «videos» if you want to safe them for later.

Codependent Marketing

You shall be mortified!

i take drugs

i take drugs (©the|G|™)

It is tornado season and I have been glued to the weather channel. Usually I don´t watch television but we wanted to know if we should take some action. I am a total rookie when it comes to tornadoes. What has caught my attention is the advertisements. They are all for medication. To keep you pain-free,  sneeze free  and make you sleep. But the message is you should buy the product out of shame! You should be mortified if you sneeze at a school concert. And the killing look the old lady in front of you sends your way. Should make you understand that you do not belong! This is an assembly for non sneezing people only!

Fred Ott's Sneeze (film by William K.L. Dickson)

Fred Ott's Sneeze (film by William K.L. Dickson) ©Wikipedia

In the first place, if you are sneezing, you are not well. You should rest and get yourself healthy. I am truly thankful for the medication upbringing I got. Medication is for emergencies. There are few things that hot tea with honey and lemon, hot bath and sleep can´t  fix. If we are feeling sick. Our body is at dis-ease. We should listen.

Rest is the best thing when we are feeling sick. There are some herbs and remedies that I find useful.  If I feel that I am coming down with something. The first thing I take is olive leaf extract. I find it to  work before I get sick and it boosts the immune system. Second stage I take Echinacea , I use the concentrated liquid version , Vitamin c in large doses  1000 mg is what I take to boost my immune system. Tea with licorice root is really good to keep the throat clear. I sometimes make green tea with fresh ginger and cayenne pepper for my throat.

Allium sativum, Alliaceae, Garlic, bulbils; Ka...

Allium sativum, Alliaceae, Garlic, bulbils; The fresh bulbs are used in homeopathy as remedy: ©Wikipedia

Garlic is  magical. If you slice the garlic and put it between two slices of apple It´s no problem chewing it raw. (Trick my nine-year old taught me). If there is something going on in my throat the garlic kills everything. A juice of carrot, with ginger and oranges is good to boast the immune system. If you can get a shot of wheat grass and ginger, that is one juice that is like a power plant!

If I can´t sleep I take a blend of calcium magnesium, it calms me down.

I find it useful to drink water, water is the best remedy nature has to offer. If you are drinking enough water , your urine is light yellow, if it gets dark yellow or brownish you are definitely not drinking enough water. People that live of their voice monitor their urine. Because the first things that you lose is your voice if you dry out.

At least these commercials are made to feed the; I -got- to- have -that-so- that -I -won´t- look -like -an-idiot- to- the- strangers -I might -sneeze- in- front -of!

«What will they think?» I´s just not cool using shame as a motivator to buy something.

Eat alive and you will thrive

This is Yuri Elkaim and  he has some additional info on how to boost the immune


Nice lecture almost 10  minutes. ( I will come back to Yuri later)

So be shameless! And take matter in your own hands!

Facing the fear of not being worthy.

I am a sucker for good storytellers. It does not ruin the experience if they are smart and gifted too. Brené Brown is one of these gems that has shared her research on TED. She is spot on how the people who have;

1. Sence of courage to be imperfect


2.Embrace vulnerability

Are the ones that believe they are worthy. This is the opposite of  a codependent like me. I believed that I was not worthy untill I learned that I was,  by taking the steps of the  CODA  program. But I was damn good faking it.  I had to take down the mask and face my fears. I entered a really hard masters program. Many of the people there were professionals. What I saw watching them is that they admitted their mistakes, they laughed at their failures. I had tried really hard to keep face. Not show my weaknesses. How on earth could I do all the things that I was doing if I was going to be emotional?

But there comes a time we have to give up. Embrace the little boy´s and girls inside us. Abandoned, neglected, hurt. And let them be what they are. With positive traits and the negative as well. I have learned that my character defects were my defense mechanisms. I was not ready to face them until my child was really ill. I was willing to let go of my codependence because if I was going to be of any use to my son, I could not be codependent. It was not an option. But that was how far I was willing to go. I could easily have died . Repressing my feelings and overwork until I fell down . I was beginning to feel the serious effect that stress has on the body. Emotional stress and work related stress. I was doing too many things. If my son had not got seriously ill. I would probably have worked myself to death. (In the end) My husband had tried to get me to do something about my codependence since we met. But no! I had to wait and  watch myself get eaten up from inside until the call came from the hospital. Only then I could rise up as the lioness protecting her young. I was willing to be healthy for my son. That is why I thank for his substance abuse. It helped me get onto the path of recovery.

I am worthy, and I am blessed.

Why do people consider chicken a healthier option?

Is white meat better than red meat?

Many people avoid red meat for health reasons and eat the lighter meat types such as chicken. Is that such a good idea?  The article I´m referring to is the one that tells us about residues of Arsenic, Tylenol and Benadryl in the chicken tested.

Chicken is famous for salmonella if it is not properly cooked , so why has chicken become the health enthusiast food? Because it is cheap? Do you want to know why it is cheap?

That is why! And this is the more humane factory ,it  has open windows and fresh air coming in. Usually there would not be windows. Still want to grab a chicken on the way home?

Now I have not even begun on the chicken nuggets or the famous pink slime. If I were to recommend anything I would say find a farmers market in your district and shop there if you really want to know what you are getting.That is if you can not think of skipping the meat altogether. The thing is the vegetables are not that safe either so no matter what your food choice is. You have to know where your food is coming from.

 Just to recap here is a clip from the film Food inc .

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The sweet sprincle of toxins

Are we deliberately being poisoned?

When thinking about toxins in food, we commonly connect it with pesticides used in the production. But mother nature is not perfect so we have to manipulate her and then we get the  GMO foods. When the food is processed we add chemicals  like Aspartame or MSG to make things taste better. Then we wrap the whole thing in BPA , the plastic chemical Bispenol A used in food packaging. Hungry?

Who is protecting the general public?

We wonder what happened and why people are getting sick? But none of these chemicals or additives are illegal. Lobbyists ensure that they will not be banned in the near future. With a big smile people making the decisions are poisoning their fellow-men in name of what? Money? So the 1% can gain more profit and the rest has to pay with their health?

The regulation comes from us, the people. We can not count on the regulators. That is why we have to be responsible and ask questions. Avoid foods that are conterminated. We need to educate ourselves and make the choices that we can live with, a healthy life.

FDA rules on continuing to allow BPA in food packaging.

Why is  Bispenol-A or  BPA not banned? FDA decided to let the show go on.     FDA decided not ban the use of BPA in food packaging.  That is amazing in light of the numerous research that show that BPA , is contributing to cancer, cardiovascular disease and probably best known cause of damage to the reproductive system especially in men. Here is more on the subject.

In the Video the research of Frederic Vam Saal is mentioned, his studies that low dosage of BPA has health risks. Especially concerning the reproductive system.

Bon appetit??