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The trust issue

I don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful.
Marilyn Monroe

Cropped screenshot of Marilyn Monroe from the ...

I wish I could just relax and live by the wisdom of wonderful Marilyn. But I am preoccupied with trust.

Not trusting people but having faith in  life. Having  faith that everything is going to be just fine. I am in a limbo. I just finished the school year. I´ve been an exchange student in the USA since August last year. Now I am preparing to go back home to Iceland.

My daughter finishes her school next week and then we can leave. When I come home I have no job, neither does my husband. We have a place to stay. But there is no economic security. And the task ahead is to trust that everything will be fine. That I vill get some job for the summer. That we will be able to support ourselves.  I could worry. But I have learned that worrying in advance is not getting me any closer to my goals.

So what is left then? 

To let go, and TRUST life

To have faith in life, everything will be fine!


When you say good night,the kitchen sink should sparkle!

Did you know that your well-being begins in the kitchen?

It is the place where you prepare the meals and it is a place that should be enjoyable to work in. In order to transfer a positive energy to the food.

I used the triangle when designing my kitchen, and it worked wonders  for the energy flow. I think   Feng Shui  is  a remarkable wisdom.  I have only one basic kitchen rule. that is not to leave my kitchen messy over night. There is a simple reason. I don´t like to wake up and start my day with an unclean kitchen. It is a much better start of the day without mess from the day before. Kind of like leaving the past out of the present. To walk into yesterday´s mess is like entering the past. I want to be in the now!

Simple laundry rule

One step further. Put away the clean and dry laundry right away. You don´t save any time piling it up and then put it away a week later. It is much easier to do it one batch at a time.

No room in the closet?

Is your excuse for not putting the laundry away that the closet is full? Take out what you are not using, pack away the seasonal clothes.  Give away things you have not used for two years, throw out the old and weary.

Baby steps out of clutter  are keep the kitchen sink clean for one week, and put the laundry away immediately. Now is the best time!

What effects my health?

Three almonds a day keep the doctor away.

'Discovery' apples grown in GartocharnI have  also heard this saying; an apple a day keeps the doctor away.    If it was that simple to stay healthy. But it is complicated.

Balance between work and home.

I need to have balance in my life. If work takes too much energy other parts of my life will get effected. It is easy to say;

find the thing you love to do and do that

In reality might be different, we are stuck in modern slavery, mortgages and obligations. So if that is what is draining your energy try to get out. I am still on my 10 year plan to owe nothing. I found out that my freedom was having less obligations. It is not going to happen over night and I accept it.

Clutter in your home?

When you are in your home it is supposed to be a snactuary. A place of rest. If the home is draining us of energy then what? Clutter, drains you of energy. Give things away that you have not used for two years. The spring is perfect time for cleaning.  If you have not used it for two years you don´t need it!

When I bought my house, we used a lot of time and a Feng Shui guidance to rearrange the kitchen. The energy flow was a bit off when we bought the house. But after learning about Feng Shui and seeing in action how that helped with the energy in our  house. I was amazed. I saw this great post from a Feng Shui expert with good advice for the kitchen spring cleaning and I wanted to share it with you.

The study of energy flow is vital when it comes to well-being.

The key is balance and harmony

Balance scale

My health and well being consist of the people I surround myself with, my home, my work (school), the food I eat  and the rest I get. If I deprive myself of rest and sleep . My work is going to be sloppy. If I eat unhealthy it affects my well being and sometimes my sleep (if I eat late). It is like a balance scale. overload one side and it is stealing from the other.