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Jamie oliver about school meals and more

Here is Jamie Oliver’s TED wish. The issue Jamie is addressing is the horrible state the school meals are in. The amount of sugar that is added in our children’s food and even the milk does not escape. Jamie is not a beginner when it comes to changing the food in schools Jamie has changed the school meals in the UK and now he is using his strengths to make an effort to change the world.

Here is some more about Jamie’s good work and food revolution!

And if you are still wondering why Jamie and others are fighting for the school meals, the level of discussion is overwhelming. How is this for starters. Is pizza a vegetable?


Mark Bittman on what is wrong with what we eat

Origins of our food

Here you can watch a video on an issue most people don´t think about. Where does our food come from?

Has anyone seen the film Food-inc?

Fifty years ago before the food INDUSTRY as we know it people ate meat  twice a week or less. Today people eat meat twice a day!

It is not good for us and it is not good for the planet either. We basically eat too much for a start. There was one comment that I thought captured the problem;

We are constantly trying to put 30 gallon of gas on a tank that takes 20.