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Hungry for change part II

Here is a link to watch the whole film hungry for change, only till March 31st.

The film came with this message;

Important! Hungryforchange.tv is offering this full and FREE preview for a limited time! 

Please tell everyone you know to watch this film in its entirety and be the first to see this new film featuring Dr Mercola! This Free Viewing Ends March 31, 2012!


Hungry for change?

I just had to post this, because the message is so clear. The three main causes of PREVENTABLE  causes of deaths in the U.S.A  are;

  1. Smoking
  2. Obesity
  3. Alcohol

These are all addiction related , nicotine addiction, food addiction and alcohol addiction. Do you still wonder what the problem is? Obesity  is caused by addiction  and it needs to be treated like one. And prevented by avoiding the unhealthy, food like products, that is referred  to  in the trailer.


Americas Fat Future

Does the future have to be like America´s Fat Future presents, or can we do something about it?

If you think organic food is expensive, just think of it as money saved in medical expenses later in life. When I started to buy more organic and more healthy food I had to adjust to the price tag. But I know that I am investing in me, for a more movable fun me,  in the future. The poster below is loaded with facts about preventable deaths. That is why we should care.

Medical Coding Career Guide
Created by: MedicalCodingCareerGuide.com» title=»Americas Fat Future»>Americas Fat Future

How do we read and understand nutritional information

This is a video from the Khan Academy. It shows how data can be read in  various way´s. If we read it in one way we get one outcome and if we read it differently we get another outcome.

It is a simple post from web-md, used  as an example of the difference between correlation and causality.

So it is no wonder that we get lost sometimes with all the health information. That is why we have to make it matter to us. Take a stand when it comes to our health. We can not take everything we read as the one and only truth. We have to evaluate where it comes from, what the original data is.

(and often we actually have to know sometimes who paid for the research to validate the outcome)

It sure is a jungle out there!

Dr.Vandana Shiva

Dr.Vandana Shiva has fought for the health of seeds. She has educated the world on how GMO  food is made. As I understand it the corn is taken and combined with pesticide and then grown. Lab rats suffer kidney and liver failure for eating these foods. What does it then do to us ?

What does GM do to our health? We have no idea. We eat vegetables and fruit in  good faith. We think they are good nutrition. But what has been pointed out is that if they are not grown organically or non GMO what do we have?

I got this list sent from a friend; It makes sence. Try the difference in celery for instance.  The organic ones are tasty and smell rich. The beauty  of celery is that it can help balance water in the body and is helpful with sugar cravings.

Again I have to refer to Michael Pollan and his food rules. If it does not rot eventually it is not food!

I am fascinated by Dr. Vandana Shiva and her spirit. She is one of my heroes.

Positive body image is hard to maintain

The messages we get from out environment are scary at times. It takes a strong teenager to resist the pounding.

Here is a video that the Dove foundation for self esteem made. . It is no wonder that the self-esteem is broken we can not live up to the standards. We do not have makeup artist, hairstylist and Photoshop in our morning rescue team. No normal person has.Here is another video from Dove that explains the process of making a billboard.

So what do we do? We use all the means possible to look as close to the ideal that we are being served, we use cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners, hair colors, wrinkle creams deodorants, you name it! We smear all these things on our largest organ, the skin.

So is that beneficial to our health in any way?

It is shocking to read some of the rapports that are offered on EWG  , campaign for safe cosmetics.

I have thought about coloring my hair. It is getting gray and sometimes I think my hair looks lifeless and boring. But what would that do to my health?

Would it benefit my scalp to have toxic treatment regularly? So I just took random results for brown color, this is what I got.

As you see on the chart it is not going to be good, so I think I´m going to skip the coloring all together. I´ll just do something fun for the money I save. I have a friend that once said; cosmetic surgery! No , not me, I have earned every wrinkle, stretch mark and gray hair I am not going to hide my evolution! That is awful!

I agree. I wear my stretch marks, wrinkles and gray hair with pride but I have thought about getting dreadlocks. What do you think? It would be kind of fun to try.

I would  have gray/brown dreadlocks.

The thing that worries me though. If I get tired of the dreadlocks can you comb them out or do they have to grow out?

Be yourself , everybody else is taken.

Mark Bittman on what is wrong with what we eat

Origins of our food

Here you can watch a video on an issue most people don´t think about. Where does our food come from?

Has anyone seen the film Food-inc?

Fifty years ago before the food INDUSTRY as we know it people ate meat  twice a week or less. Today people eat meat twice a day!

It is not good for us and it is not good for the planet either. We basically eat too much for a start. There was one comment that I thought captured the problem;

We are constantly trying to put 30 gallon of gas on a tank that takes 20.